Biden is STILL Trying to Convince the Public He’s Able to Run


At a crucial interview on Friday, President Biden firmly rejected calls to withdraw from the 2024 presidential campaign on worries about his mental health and declining polling results. He also repeatedly rejected calls to reevaluate his candidacy for reelection.


The 22-minute conversation between Biden and ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos was recorded earlier in the day, but it was broadcast uncut. The 81-year-old president was having his first television interview since last week’s debate with former President Trump.


When Stephanopoulos told Biden he was trailing in the popular vote at one point, the president retorted, “I don’t buy that.”


When asked about a campaign in which his opponent seemed to be the front-runner, Biden responded, “I don’t think anybody is more qualified to be president or win this race than me.” Speaking to the question of whether he would be able to serve as president for a further four years, Biden replied, “I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t think I did.”

Concerns concerning Biden’s mental health were also dismissed. In response to the question of whether he was being “honest” with himself regarding his cognitive ability, the president said, “Yes, I am, because, George, the last thing I want to do is not be able to meet that.”


However, he remained evasive when questioned about the potential for taking a cognitive test and making the results available to the public—a demand that Biden’s Republican opponents have long made.


“You see, I take a cognitive exam each and every day. I’ve got an exam every day. All I do,” stated Biden. “You know, I’m not just running for office; I’m the world’s ruler. Furthermore, that sounds like hyperbole. However, we are the most important country in the world.”


Again under pressure, Biden responded, “I’ve already done it,” without providing further details. Since last month’s CNN debate created persistent doubts about Biden’s viability as a contender, both supporters and detractors of the senator were expected to be keenly monitoring the interview.


The president gave a subpar performance versus his Republican opponent, trailing off frequently and seemed to lose his train of thought. He also spoke in a raspy voice that he blamed to a cold.


Biden claimed on Friday that he had a “bad night” in the debate.