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Liberty Post is a news publication catering to everyday Republicans. We are dedicated to serving concerned Americans who wish to stay informed about current events both in the United States and worldwide. Alongside reporting on significant happenings, we also cover politics and the economy. We understand the importance of monitoring events that could impact our liberties and way of life as fellow citizens.

Our dedication resides in accurate, efficient news. We support polices and governmental positions. However, our hope does not lie with America, presidential candidates, laws, or mere humans. We are grounded in Jesus Christ who came to seek and save those we are lost. Romans 6:23

Why We Exist

If you’re seeking news that doesn’t merely echo the mainstream narrative, tired of biased spin, or frustrated by news commentators who don’t prioritize your best interests, you’re not alone. Once you recognize the bias in establishment news, it’s difficult to revert. That’s precisely why we exist: to bring you news reporting that reflects multiple perspectives with objectivity and integrity.

Our Core Values

Ethical reporting is of utmost importance to us. We aim to earn your trust as a news outlet that values its readers and respects your ability to think independently. When presenting news stories, we have complete confidence in your capacity to form your own opinion on impactful events. We will never attempt to manipulate your viewpoint. Instead, we strive to represent your voice in a world where news from a Republican or conservative standpoint is often silenced.

About Our Team

Our team at Liberty Post comprises writers, editors, and managers from diverse backgrounds. Spread across the country, each member brings a unique perspective to the table. We are deeply immersed in local, state, and national news and politics, committed to delivering factual, well-researched information consistently.

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