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Liberty News 1 March, 2024

House Panel Plans To Hold Blinken In Contempt Of Congress

The GOP-led House is preparing to hold Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in contempt of Congress for his refusal to...

Liberty News 1 March, 2024

Trump Slams Biden Over Migrant Crime

A day before their separate visits to the southern border, former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for his...

Liberty News 1 March, 2024

Carville Predicts Weak Trump’s Performance In General Election

Where many in the Republican Party see strength, some like political commentator James Carville see weakness. On MSNBC’s “The Beat”...

Liberty News 29 February, 2024

Trump Asks Biden To Take Cognitive Test

Former President Donald Trump is challenging 81-year-old President Joe Biden to a cognitive exam. Hours after the president’s doctor said...

Liberty News 29 February, 2024

KJP Says Biden Has ‘Done The Work’ On Illegal Immigration

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is insisting that President Joe Biden and his administration have done all the work...

Liberty News 28 February, 2024

Haley Calls GOP A Ship With Hole In It

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley likened the Republican Party to a ship with a hole in it. During...

World Awareness

World Awareness 1 March, 2024

Biden Hopes For Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire By Next Week

Israel and Hamas might come to an agreement on a cease-fire in their war in Gaza on Monday, according to President Joe Biden. Speaking to reporters in New York City,...

World Awareness 28 February, 2024

Illegal Alien Arrested For Toddler’s Killing

An illegal immigrant from Central America was arrested this week in connection with the murder of a two-year-old boy in Maryland. Nilson Noel Trejo-Granados, 25, was arrested by the...

World Awareness 27 February, 2024

Over 20 Shot In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago

Twenty one people were shot over the weekend from Feb. 23 to Feb. 25 across Chicago, police announced. Four of the 21 shootings were reportedly fatal. Per ABC 7,...

World Awareness 19 February, 2024

Six Shot In Restaurant Gunfire, One Dead

Six people got shot in a gunfire after a fight in an Indianapolis Waffle House on Monday. The incident happened around 12:40 a.m. after a fight between two groups escalated,...

World Awareness 18 February, 2024

About 1,600 Nike Employees To Be Laid Off

About 1,600 employees are being laid off at Nike, according to President and CEO John Donahoe. Donahoe revealed the development in a company-wide email sent on Thursday, per WFAA.

World Awareness 16 February, 2024

Two Dead, Four Wounded In Israel Terror Attack

A terrorist gunman fired shots at a crowded bus stop close to the southern town of Kiryat Malakhi in Israel. The incident happened about 15 miles north of the Gaza...

Trending on Liberty Post

Liberty News 10 June, 2023

‘Unabomber’ Theodore Kaczynski Passes Away At Age 81

The infamous “Unabomber,” originally named Theodore "Ted" Kaczynski, has passed away at a federal prison medical center where he is being held....

World Awareness 13 June, 2023

Virginia Man Indicted For Murder Of Missing 4-Year-Old Son

A Virginia grand jury has indicted a man in connection with the disappearance and suspected murder of his 4-year-old son....

Liberty News 13 June, 2023

White House Condemns Baring Of Breasts At Biden’s Pride Event

A few days after President Biden hailed the members of the LGBTQ+ community as “some of the bravest and most...

Liberty News 13 June, 2023

Lawmakers Urge Biden To Withdraw CDC Director Nominee 

President Joe Biden has reportedly decided who he is nominating to lead the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but GOP lawmakers...

Liberty News 10 June, 2023

Biden Accused Of Accepting Huge Bribe From Ukrainian Company

A paid informant has come forward with evidence suggesting that President Biden may have been involved in a bribery scandal during his...

Liberty News 10 June, 2023

Louisiana Farm Faces Huge Backlash For Pro-Faith Post

Backwater Foie Gras farmstead in Louisiana has found itself at the center of a fierce storm after standing up for its pro-faith...


World Awareness 10 June, 2023

Controversial Clean Slate Act Passed By New York Legislature

In a marathon session that stretched into the late hours of Friday night, both houses of the state Legislature in New York voted to pass the long-debated Clean Slate Act, a bill...

World Awareness 11 June, 2023

Trump Suggests Indictment Was Cover-Up For Biden’s Bribery Scandal

Former President Donald Trump has drawn a connection between his indictment and the disclosure of the bombshell FBI document alleging President Joe Biden's involvement in a massive "criminal bribery scheme"...

Liberty News 10 June, 2023

Joe Rogan Shares Unfiltered Views On Woke Corporations

In a recent podcast conversation between popular podcaster Joe Rogan and standup comedian Theo Von, Rogan had a lot to say about the pervasive woke messaging flooding the market.  In his characteristic...

World Awareness 11 June, 2023

Concerns Over Declining Moral Values Intensify Among Americans

The results of a recent annual Gallup poll revealed that a record number of adults are deeply troubled by the deteriorating moral values in our nation. The survey, released on Friday, paints...

World Awareness 11 June, 2023

Las Vegas Resident Reports Mysterious Alien Sighting 

A family from Las Vegas claims to have encountered a mysterious creature after a potential UFO crash in their backyard during the early hours of May 1st. The main witness, who appeared...

World Awareness 11 June, 2023

Survey Reveals Growing Annoyance With Tipping: Time For Change?

New data from Bankrate shows that Americans have been tipping less frequently across a range of services in recent years, indicating a steady decline. The survey, conducted in May 2023 with a...

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