Virginia Man Indicted For Murder Of Missing 4-Year-Old Son

A Virginia grand jury has indicted a man in connection with the disappearance and suspected murder of his 4-year-old son.

The jury handed down indictments against Cory Bigsby, the father of the missing 4-year-old boy, Codi Bigsby on June 5. The charges include murder and tampering with a body, as authorities allege that Bigsby, an Army veteran, not only murdered his young son but also attempted to hide the evidence of his crime. 

Per Fox News, Bigsby, 43, was arrested in February 2022 on seven counts of felony child neglect after he reported Codi’s disappearance to the police. After a long futile search, police had named him a person of interest in the case and arrested him a day later.

According to reports, Bigsby had previously informed the police that he last saw his son the morning he went missing at the apartment complex where they lived in Hampton. 

However, doubts were raised about the reliability of the information provided by Bigsby, as former Hampton Police Department Chief Mark Talbot expressed concerns during a press conference at that time.

“[W]e will continue to do everything in our power to find Codi,” officers said at the time, promising to follow “every possible lead” in the search for the little boy. However, their efforts proved abortive.

As reported by WAVY-TV, Bigsby was initially indicted in July 2022 on 30 counts of child abuse, involving not only Codi but also his three other siblings. Since then, he has remained behind bars, awaiting trial.

Despite authorities’ solid claims, Bigsby is denying any wrongdoing. His attorney, Amina Matheny-Willard, firmly asserts her client’s innocence and expresses deep concern about the actions taken against him. 

“We maintain Cory Bigsby’s innocence, and we are deeply, deeply disturbed by the unconstitutional and coercive actions taken by the Commonwealth through its agents at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail,” Matheny-Willard stated in a message to 13NEWSNOW. 

Matheny-Willard further revealed her intention to file a federal lawsuit against the Hampton Roads Regional Jail once the criminal cases are concluded.