Jim Jordan Presents Plan To Defund Prosecutors

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has presented a plan to defund the prosecutors who have brought legal cases against former President Donald Trump.

While the plan, which Jordan included in his latest budget request to House Appropriations Chairman Tom Cole (R-OK) for the fiscal year 2025, does not mention any prosecutors by name or mention particular cases, the Judiciary Committee GOP confirmed in a post on X that the focus of the plan are Trump prosecutors.

In his cover letter to Cole, Jordan wrote, “We have conducted oversight of the troubling rise in politicized prosecutions and the use of abusive ‘lawfare’ tactics to target political opponents. We have seen rogue prosecutors abuse the rules of professional conduct and their duty to do justice in service of politicized ends.”

“We recommend that the Appropriations Committee, with appropriate consultation from leadership, include language to eliminate federal funding for state prosecutors or state attorneys general involved in lawfare and to zero out federal funding for federal prosecutors engaged in such abuse,” the Republican leader added.

Aside from the plan to defund prosecutors targeting Trump, Jordan’s proposal for the fiscal year 2025 comes with several other provisions surrounding border security, immigration enforcement, getting rid of crime in Democrat-run cities, tackling censorship on the internet and protecting FBI whistleblowers.

The proposal comes after a New York jury found Trump guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records last week. Trump and many Republicans have all derided the case as a politically motivated trial, with House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) vowing that Republicans will “fight back” “political retribution in the court system to go after political opponents.”

Promising to use “everything in our arsenal” for the fight, as he said, We have the funding streams. We have mechanisms to try to get control of that. We’ll be doing that within the confines of our jurisdiction.”