White House Condemns Baring Of Breasts At Biden’s Pride Event

A few days after President Biden hailed the members of the LGBTQ+ community as “some of the bravest and most inspiring people” he has “ever known,” the White House has publicly condemned the actions of trans activist Rose Montoya, who decided to go topless during President Biden’s Pride Month event on Saturday. 

The White House spokesperson issued a statement affirming that Montoya and others featured in the video would not be invited to any future events due to their “inappropriate and disrespectful” behavior.

Although the White House did not disclose the specific names of individuals barred from future events, at least two people can be seen removing their clothing on the South Lawn in a video that has since gone viral.

The video, initially shared by Montoya on TikTok, captured the moment Montoya and a biological female, who is a transgender activist, exposed their breasts with the White House in the background. The clip also showed Montoya interacting with President Biden himself, saying, “It’s an honor, Mr. President. Trans rights are human rights.”

The reaction she got was definitely not what she expected as critics swiftly denounced the incident on social media, viewing it as a disgraceful act that tarnished the reputation of the White House. Former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, known for his strong conservative views, voiced his outrage, criticizing the Biden administration for allowing such behavior on the White House grounds.

The controversy surrounding the Pride event extended beyond Montoya’s topless display as several military veterans and Republican lawmakers have accused the Biden administration of diminishing the American flag’s significance by placing a Pride banner at the center of a display. 

Per The Post, Marine veteran Chad Robichaux voiced his disappointment, stating, “You would think the White House knows this. They do, they just don’t care.”

Army veteran and U.S. Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) also criticized the flag’s placement, asserting that no flag should be flown at an equal level to the American flag. According to the U.S. flag code, the American flag should be positioned at the center and highest point when displayed alongside other flags or pennants.

Despite the reactions, the White House does not seem to have reflected on the entire event as it still found a way to emphasize in its statement that the inappropriate display is not reflective of the pride celebration, nor does it represent the hundreds of other guests in attendance.

Montoya is, however, not sorry as she defended her actions in another video she released, expressing her will to exist in her body and pointing out that she did not break any law. “My trans masculine friends were showing off their top surgery scars and living in joy, and I wanted to join them. And because it is perfectly within the law of Washington, D.C. I decided to join them and cover my nipples just to play it safe,” she stated.

In the video that irked several viewers, Montoya further argued that her chest, deemed appropriate and legal before she came out as trans, should not be subject to different standards now.