KJP Says Biden Has ‘Done The Work’ On Illegal Immigration

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is insisting that President Joe Biden and his administration have done all the work possible to secure the southern border. She made the claims during a media interview while she was addressing a question regarding the murder of Laken Riley, which was reportedly committed by an illegal immigrant in Georgia.

The question came from CNN host John Berman who pointed out some Americans’ concerns about “crimes that are allegedly being committed by migrants who are in the country illegally.” He then asked for Jean-Pierre’s take on accusations against Biden over his border policies, including one by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), who said that the deaths caused by illegal immigrants “are on him.”

In response, Jean-Pierre first offered her condolences to Riley’s family and called for action in order to ensure there is no repetition or such an incident.

She then tried to turn the table on Republicans and suggested the border situation is the party’s fault as its members “have gotten in the way” of action by the administration to fix the border crisis.

“We have done the work to make sure we’re dealing with a broken immigration system. The Republicans have gotten in the way. They have gotten in the way,” she stated.

“And so look, this is a serious matter, that‘s why the president is going to the border. The president was at the border a year ago in El Paso, visiting the border back in January 2023. He put a comprehensive, a comprehensive immigration policy on day one,” she added.

Jean-Pierre also addressed Biden’s scheduled visit to Texas, stating that it is not about politics even though he chose the same dat former President Donald Trump was already scheduled to go.

Asked how Biden’s visit would impact the situation, she said, “The president said this and he did say this, that once Republicans rejected that bipartisan deal that came out of the Senate, that would have dealt with the border challenges, that would have dealt with some of the issues we’re seeing with immigration, let’s not forget that bipartisan bill was supported by the border patrol union, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in this political time, it is unreal, unheard of to see that type of support for a bipartisan bill.”

“And when they rejected it, Republicans rejected it again because of, because of the former president, the president said, he‘s going to take it directly to the American people. The American people are going to hear from him about what happened about how they put, Republicans put politics, they put politics ahead of dealing with issues that matter,” she added.