Heroic Lowes Employee Fired For Attempting To Stop Thieves

In another case of employees losing their jobs for defending their workplace, Donna Hansbrough, a dedicated 13-year veteran at Lowes, was reportedly fired for trying to stop thieves from looting the store. The incident occurred on June 25 at a Lowes store in Rincon, Georgia, where three suspects stole over $2,000 worth of merchandise.

Hansbrough, 68, took matters into her own hands when she witnessed the theft in progress. She attempted to halt one of the suspects by grabbing their shopping cart. However, she faced a violent retaliation as one of the thieves, identified as Takyah Berry, repeatedly punched her in the face, causing her right eye to swell and blacken.

Despite her intentions to protect the store and its property, Lowes chose to terminate Hanbrough’s employment. The Rincon Police Department confirmed that Donna was fired for violating the company’s policy on confronting shoplifters.

“Hansbrough attempted to stop one of the subjects by grabbing the shopping cart. Hansbrough did not at any time make contact with any person. The cart that Donna grabbed was in the possession of subject Takyah Berry. After Donna grabbed the cart, Berry struck Donna in the face three times causing Donna’s right eye to swell and blacken,” the department said in a Facebook post.

Police identified the rest of the suspects as Jarmar Lawton and Joseph Berry, who is said to be Takyah Berry’s uncle.

Speaking to the Effingham Herald about the incident, Donna recounted the incident, saying, “They say that if you see somebody stealing something out the door, not to pursue, not to go out. I lost it. I grabbed the cart. I don’t actually remember going out but I did. And I grabbed the cart that had the stolen items in (it).”

 “I just … I lost it. I basically lost all the training. Everything they tell you to do, I just … I just lost it,” she added, explaining that her actions were instinctive as she was fed up with seeing such incidents happen. 

She added that she never expected to be fired for trying to do what she believed was right. “Maybe a reprimand or a suspension,” she stated.

Donna’s dedication to her job and love for her role at Lowes were evident in her statements to the media. “I enjoyed working with the people I worked with. I enjoyed helping the customers. I enjoyed everything about it. It was my… You know how you have your perfect job? That one was mine,” she said.

Conservative commentators have rallied behind Donna’s cause, decrying the company’s decision and expressing their frustration with a system that seems to prioritize criminals over dedicated employees and law-abiding citizens. 

Fox News’ Alicia Acuna questioned the current state of affairs, where companies appear more concerned about potential lawsuits from criminals than protecting their businesses.

“And it just makes you stop and say like, ‘Are we in… Is this opposite day all day long?’ Because we’re doing things the opposite way we used to. You want someone who’s going to be there to protect your company, protect your business. It’s human nature to protect yourself and to get in trouble for that? It’s just kind of mind-blowing,” Acuna remarked on “The Big Weekend Show.”

Joey Jones, another co-host on the show, expressed disbelief at Lowes’ decision to fire Donna, arguing that her actions were not driven by policy but by instinct and an inherent desire to protect the company.

“She’s trying to be a good employee at Lowe’s. And what do they want to do? They want to fire her? Lowe’s and Lululemon can go park themselves next to Bud Light because I swear I will build something out of paper and wear washcloths before I shop at either one of those [stores],” he passionately stated.

As the outrage continues to grow, many hope that Lowes will reconsider its decision and recognize Hansbrough’s pure intentions.