Joe Rogan Shares Unfiltered Views On Woke Corporations

In a recent podcast conversation between popular podcaster Joe Rogan and standup comedian Theo Von, Rogan had a lot to say about the pervasive woke messaging flooding the market. 

In his characteristic outspoken style, Rogan spoke about the financial consequences faced by Bud Light and Target in light of the ongoing boycotts driven by their embrace of woke messages that many Americans fundamentally disagree with. 

The podcaster did not hold back on his criticism of Bud Light’s decision to send a can with Mulvaney’s face and the message “Day 365 of womanhood” to confused individuals.

The blowback from that move cost the brewing company tens of billions of dollars as its sales have continually declined for seven consecutive weeks, leading to a decline in its stock value.

“Yeah, and obviously the Bud Light thing with Dylan Mulvaney, they’ve lost $20+ billion. Can you imagine, you’re just gonna send a f***ing—— can to a confused person – that “Day 365 of womanhood” – and you send that person a f***ing can with their face on it and your company loses $20 billion? That is wild s***, man,” Rogan stated.

The growing trend of companies prioritizing woke messaging over their bottom line has raised concerns among many Americans who are firmly against the intrusion of preachy messages within stores and the targeting of such messages toward children. 

Rogan highlighted that major corporations like Target have taken their messaging to an extreme level, crossing boundaries that go against societal norms. 

Moving on to Target, which also suffered massive financial losses in the billions due to their attempt to appeal to children with their messaging, Rogan further expressed his frustration, stating, “When I go to Target I don’t want to see like f—— tuck pants, like they’re designed to help you tuck your d***.”

The 55-year-old likened those who perpetuate woke messaging to evangelists, stating, “They’re proselytizing.” Pointing out the left’s attempt to reshape society’s views on gender and LGBTQ+ issues, he emphasized that Americans are not having any of the woke agenda anymore.

“So we’re seeing that now where we never saw that before, where people are going ‘Enough! Enough! Stop shoving this down everybody’s throat,” he stated.

Chiming in with an interesting perspective, Von suggested that if people had an app capable of tracking companies’ donations and the causes they support, consumers could align their shopping choices with their beliefs more effectively.

Rogan’s take does not come as a surprise as he has voiced his opposition to woke culture in the past. Earlier this year, he faced backlash from the left for calling out the spread of the madness in universities.

This recent conversation comes as Bud Light has lost the top spot as the number one beer in America, to Modelo. Target, on its end, also continues to have a tough time as its stock price fell by 3.26% on Friday. It is unlikely that the woes will be ending soon as the boycott is expected to persist for months, with distributors uncertain about recovering their lost customers.