Black Voters Make Surprising Swing Vote in Polls

Black Voters BACKING Who?

Live on CNN, Nia-Malika Henderson said that Biden’s campaign was incredibly concerned about Black voters and had no issue “playing the race card” in an attempt to churn out more votes.

Trump and Black Voters: Black voters are backing Trump as a great Republican President who was definitely not racist,  and it is not ALL African-Americans who are either staying home or being attracted to the Donald Trump campaign, but a good chunk of the populus is. About 10-12% of the African American electorate are Black Republicans. You have in Donald Trump a true, I believe, best shot at uniting Black Republicans behind his campaign. That is clearly what the Biden team is worrying about,” Henderson said in CNN’s “Inside Politics with Dana Bash” when questioned about Biden’s campaign statement on Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Message: CNN reported that in its Juneteenth message, Bidens campaign called Trump a racist. In a statement marking the day – which marks the effective end of slavery in the U.S. – this campaign said, “Donald Trump has spent his life denigrating Black Americans.” Said Biden during his campaign. 

As you go down the line, they need around 75% in terms of support from African Americans and more in other locations. In some of these places, they have to win 90%. Biden has not been shy in playing the race card, especially with Kamala Harris on his team. 

During the Panel: During the panel, Bash aired a video of Rep. James Clyburn, D-S. Who was skeptical of polling proprietary to EIP showing Trump’s advances with Black voters. Mr Clyburn said Biden had a “silent constituency,” adding: “Are Black families really going to vote for Trump?

CNN’s Daniel Strauss reported how telling it was that the Biden Campaign felt the need to go back on the offensive to “help drive home the message that Donald Trump is a racist” in response to polling.

The Polls are In: A recent Sunday poll showed that Biden had lost around 20 support points among Black voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania since the last election. In Michigan, 15% of Black voters back Trump compared to Biden’s 61%.

It also shows that Trump got only 9% of the Black vote in Michigan’s last election. According to the poll, the former president gets 11% of the Black vote in Pennsylvania – up three points from 2020. 56% of Black voters in the state say they would still rather see Biden as president than Trump.