Las Vegas Resident Reports Mysterious Alien Sighting 

A family from Las Vegas claims to have encountered a mysterious creature after a potential UFO crash in their backyard during the early hours of May 1st. The main witness, who appeared in a responding officer’s body cam footage, shared his experience on YouTube under the username Alien Society51. 

Recounting the incident, the witness, whose real name is unknown, explained that he and his brother were working on a car in their backyard when they heard something falling from the sky. As they turned their heads skyward, they witnessed a radiant light descending swiftly toward them, according to his testimony. 

Moments later, they experienced a jolting impact accompanied by a deafening bang, as if a “shockwave” had rippled through their surroundings. He described the incident as an “outer body experience.”

“It was all blurry. Not my vision, but only the backyard area, and I hear thousands of footsteps around me. And maybe a couple seconds later, the blurriness was gone,” he stated.

The witness provided additional evidence, including footage from a neighbor’s doorbell camera capturing the loud bang and aftershock supposedly caused by the crash. He also provided a picture of a “perfect” circle left in his backyard, claiming the aircraft left it there.

 According to the witness, moments after the landing of the aircraft, he went to fetch his tools when his brother called his attention to a shocking sight. It was then he locked eyes with a “tall, skinny lengthy creature” with a gray-greenish color.

Standing at a staggering height of eight to 10 feet, the creature had an otherworldly appearance, boasting a peculiar face, large feet, and shiny eyes. Frozen with fear, the witness experienced a moment of paralysis, unable to move or look away.

“When I looked at it in the eyes, my body just froze, like the same way, the same experience as having sleep paralysis…I could hear its loud, deep breathing and I could see its stomach moving. He would just stare at me, seconds later, I could start moving again,” the witness said.

Terrified by the encounter, the witness immediately dialed 911 and frantically explained the situation to the dispatcher. “There’s like an 8-foot person beside it and another one is inside, and it has big eyes and it’s looking at us, and it’s still there,” he can be heard explaining in a recording of the call.

“And they’re not human. They’re 100 percent they’re not human,” he added, as he assured the dispatcher he is not playing around.

While the family waited for the police, the witness said they heard loud footsteps and whisperings.

Responding officers, acknowledging the witnesses’ claims, took the situation seriously as a colleague had previously sighted a glowing, green light streaked across the night sky, seemingly crashing and vanishing in the distance at some point. However, police closed the case as “unfounded.”

As the search for answers continues, the encounter has left social media users and experts alike questioning the veracity of this report. While some have struck down the story as false, there are people who believe that is connected to reports that the U.S. has been collecting spacecraft as part of a secret UFO retrieval program.