VP Kamala Poses More of A Potential THREAT to Biden as Head of Democratic Ticket in 2024

Kamala Poses THREAT to BIDEN

As public debates about Vice President Kamala Harris’ potential to unseat President Biden at the head of the Democratic ticket in 2024 intensify, House Republicans are already stepping up their attacks against her.


Republicans rejected Harris as a political threat to their chances in November, claiming she’s still associated with the same progressive Biden policies they think to be unpopular with voters. These lawmakers were present in both safe red seats and swing districts, which the left was focusing on.


The New York Republican Party’s longtime head, Rep. Nick Langworthy, R-N.Y., stated to Fox News Digital that “Kamala Harris is just as responsible for this administration’s failures, but she’s more incompetent.” Langworthy joined Congress in 2017. “Her presence won’t change the result. Trump will be our 47th president,” he declared.


A swing-seat Republican who wished to remain anonymous told Fox News Digital that they didn’t think Harris would perform as well as Biden in a debate. “As awful as Biden is, that Republican legislator stated, “I would say that she’s the weakest part of the ticket right now.”

Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., stated, “They’ll have to defend their appalling, tax-and-spend record whether it’s Joe Biden or [Harris] at the top of the ticket.” “We’re already seeing significant Republican advantages across the board in swing states, especially increase in support from Hispanic voters.”


A Trump supporter from a heavily Republican area, Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., claimed to Fox News Digital that Biden and Harris “both own the same disastrous policies.”


Discussions center on Harris as one of Biden’s most possible successors should he drop out of the race before his rematch with former President Trump in November.


Although Biden and his team have maintained that they would not withdraw from the race, many on the left are questioning if he is the most qualified opponent of Trump in light of his lackluster showing in last month’s presidential debate. Since the debate, Biden has been marginally behind Trump in some polls.


When reporters have questioned Harris about the rumors, she has consistently said that she is supporting Biden.


However, Harris would be the only Democratic contender eligible to inherit the $240 million Biden-Harris campaign fund if she were to win the nomination.


In a clear indication that Harris is the next big Democratic target, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the House GOP campaign arm, is likewise directing its fire against her.


The NRCC unveiled a new ad this week that portrays Harris as Biden’s “enabler-in-chief” and criticizes her for being his “border czar.”