Republicans BEWARE – Dems Have New Mystery Organization

Dems BANKROLLED by Dark Money Group?

A Democratic super PAC infused with $500,621 in cash from a liberal dark money nonprofit sought to influence their fourth Republican primary Tuesday, this time in a Colorado congressional race.

The Mysterious Fund: Sixteen Thirty Fund, the leftist dark money nonprofit that also funded Rocky Mountain Values PAC, has put up over $300,000 in anti-ex-GOP state Rep. Ron Hanks advertising even going so far as to say he supports President Trump too much and “is just too conservative;” Hanks is running in a crowded six-way GOP primary for the seat being vacated by Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, according to FEC filings.

Democrats are presumably seeing that and thinking Hanks is the more vulnerable general-election candidate versus Democrat Adam Frisch if Republican Jeff Hurd, who led RABA Research polling weeks before absentee voting began, not long after the vote-by-mail election for House District 38, emerges as the GOP nominee.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole: The Sixteen Thirty Fund donated $500,000 to Rocky Mountain Values PAC in April and provided over $4,500 earlier this month. Two years later, Frisch came within 546 votes of defeating Boebert in a Trump-friendly district. The GOP-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund, meanwhile, has spent around $400,000 on ads portraying Hanks as pro-gun control and an opponent of Trumpism.

Frisch has been spending some of his primary dollars jabbing Hurd, too, according to The Colorado Sun.

“Then, why are Dem mega-donors spending big bucks supporting Ron Hanks?” CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella told Fox News Digital.

“Republicans, beware.”

Conclusion: By now, we’ve grown accustomed to left-of-center groups involving themselves in GOP primaries as part of a Democratic strategy to make the eventual winner (the one they believe will be easier to beat) appear “too conservative” in the primary only for Democrats to discover, post-primary, that said Republican actually was more broadly appealing than the left’s tunnel vision. As for the dark money group, we will see whether The Left is going to keep taking money from the Sixteen Thirty Fund or if their investment in messing with GOP business has run out of steam.