The Blue District Barnstorming Shows a BAD SIGN for Biden


It began with a visit to a New York City bodega, which has since become something of a hallmark for the ex-president ahead of his third run at the White House. In April, as he began a criminal trial that would sideline his campaign for weeks, Donald Trump arrived at a small locally owned shop in Harlem after court to create an impromptu and largely authentic little rally.


If you aren’t familiar with North Philly, it’s one of the roughest neighborhoods in one of the roughest cities in America. Under the leadership of Democrats, one must add, for this part of L.A., statistics tell us that after decades under Democratic leadership in about 40 other parts of L.A., experts still claim most Latino and Black residents live under conditions defined here as “third-world living conditions.”


It’s also the sort of place Republicans normally fear to tread, or maybe never even get around to treading, because they do not believe they can win there. Donald Trump will not carry most of the voters in North Philly or the Bronx, but that is somewhat beside the point. He is there, he is listening, and he gives angry Democratic voters a real choice.

Trump doesn’t have to win those cities; he needs only to move the needle, which polls show him doing already, especially in swing state cities like Philly, Atlanta, and Detroit. Then Biden’s path to a second term will have narrowed down to that of a loaded sinner trying to squeeze through the eye of a needle.


Trump does get one other very specific advantage in these blue district barnstorming rallies as well, and it ties back into much of the election: Joe Biden is not nearly capable of doing anything similar.


Ruby red small towns are closed to visits by Joe Biden. For one thing, he has regularly stated his view that the vast majority of those voters are MAGA extremists who present existential threats to democracy at every conceivable turn; for another, he obviously just couldn’t manage the hard work involved in these sorts of rallies.


Voters crave being listened to and not taken for granted; hence, just being present is so effective for Trump.


Outside of if you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t black, Biden’s only real appeal to minority voters is that Trump is some kind of terrible racist, but even that stale accusation is shedding whatever relevance it may have once had. 


Voters are ticked off, and they want to be heard, not taken for granted, which is why Donald Trump’s strategy of “just showing up” has continued to work and will, time and time again.