White House Correspondent CLEARLY DISTRESSED

FRUSTRATION EVIDENT in Karin Jean Pierre’s Interview

The contentious exchanges between White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and journalists made headlines on Monday.


The main focus of the reporting was on allegations that throughout the previous year, Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, and Walter Reed Military Medical Center neurologist, Dr. Kevin Cannard, who specializes in Parkinson’s disease, met multiple times in the White House.


However, although Cannard was mentioned in the public visitor logs, Jean-Pierre consistently refused to acknowledge to reporters that he was the visiting physician during the daily press conference, citing security and privacy reasons.


Several reporters swiftly criticized her for failing to identify the doctor, especially Ed O’Keefe of CBS. NBC contributor Kelly O’Donnell supported O’Keefe during their protracted, heated back and forth, emphasizing that Cannard’s visiting logs are available to the public.

Jean-Pierre chastised the reporters, saying, “There’s no reason to go back and forth with me in this aggressive way.”


An irate O’Keefe remarked, “Well, we are miffed around here about what has been shared with the press corps about him.” Jean-Pierre was questioned by a number of different reporters regarding the doctor’s identity and the type of his visits.


Later on in the press conference, Jean-Pierre spoke about her conversation with O’Keefe, stating, “I do take offense to what Ed referred to. Saying that I’m hiding something or making any other kind of hint is not [fair]. It’s incredibly unjust.


She went on to call the backlash “personal attacks.”


Later on, in their separate networks, a few White House correspondents shared their thoughts on the discussions. As she described the incident, Kayla Tausche of CNN noted that the press corps was frustrated.


“It was an extremely contentious mood in the room, with frustration evident among the press corps for how hard it was to get very basic answers about whether the president had been seen any more than three times by this specialist, who has specialties in neurology but also expertise in Parkinson‘s and who they had been treating,” Tausche stated.


She went on, “One of the most frustrating responses to the press corps, and one of the reasons you saw a few correspondents erupt there, was that there was no answer when asked specifically if the president was seen by this specialist on any other occasions. On this front, there are still many more questions than there are answers.


Selina Wang of ABC also noted the “very testy exchanges” that transpired in the briefing room, particularly about Biden’s consultation with a Parkinson’s specialist.


“She could not answer that very simple question with either a yes or no,” Wang stated.


The White House press corps’ betrayal of Jean-Pierre and her reluctance to provide a straight response went viral on X.


“Whoa. After 3.5 years of the Biden administration, the White House has been formally under attack by the dishonest liberal media. Steve Cortes, a former adviser to President Trump, said, “These reporters are eating Karine Jean-Pierre alive.”