Dan Bongino Predicts Trump Will Win November Election

Political commentator and radio show host Dan Bongino weighed in on who is likely to win this year’s presidential election during a conversation with fellow conservative political commentator and Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro.

In an hour-long discussion, Shapiro asked Bongino to predict who will win the November election between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“If you had to put money on it today, who do you think wins, Trump or Biden?” Shapiro asked.

After noting that predictions are only meaningful when they come with some data, Bongino responded, “I think Donald Trump is going to win. But there’s a reason. The coalition is completely different. And this is where I think everybody miscalculated.”

Citing polling numbers and data, Bongino hailed the Trump movement as different, as he added, Hispanic voters, black voters, you’re seeing working class males in droves, and most importantly union workers. My brother’s a Local Three electrician. He doesn’t know a single person voting for Biden. When did the Republicans ever win the union vote?”

“In my humble opinion, Ben, I think Trump’s lasting gift outside of the Supreme Court, the Abraham Accords, and other things, I really believe this, I think his real gift to the Republican Party is going to be that he completely altered the coalition moving forward,” he added.

Shapiro then noted that Trump’s moderate stance in 2024 will win him the race. “If you look at him, positionally, Donald Trump has grabbed the middle on every single issue,” he said, earning him total agreement from Bongino who chimed to say that Trump’s first term had “quite a moderate agenda” even though people paint him as “this far-right conservative dictator.”

Bongino and Shapiro went on to talk about the debates between Biden and Trump, the first of which is set for June 27. The way Bongino sees it, Biden agreeing to debate Trump “was a really, really awful idea.”

“He’s a different guy now. He’s got this anger issue. It’s a serious anger issue. He can’t seem to control himself anymore especially when his son is brought up. So I think what Trump should do, and I’ve said this repeatedly even to him is they need to bring props. I’m not talking about a big rubber ducky or anything. He needs to pull out a copy of that check, that $40,000 check and be like ‘Joe, it says Joe Biden, $40,000, where’d it come from, Joe? Explain.’ He’ll lose his mind,” the former Fox News host added.

Meanwhile, CNN has announced the final rules for the June 27 debate between the two presidential candidates, including a no-contact stipulation during the 90-minute face-off with two commercial breaks.

Biden and Trump have also agreed to have their microphones muted until it is their respective turns to speak.