Harris Tries to EXPLAIN The ‘NEW STRATEGY’ Implemented As Immigration Numbers RISE


Concerns that President Biden’s mental capacity has declined and that, should he win reelection, he won’t be able to hold the office for another four years have caused the Democratic Party to struggle to respond to the increasingly loud calls for Biden to withdraw from the presidential contest.


Vice President Harris is ranked highest among the party’s probable successors, should Biden ultimately decide to end his political career. Prior to her election as vice president in 2020, Harris had positions as the state attorney general under former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, the district attorney of San Francisco in the early 2000s, and a U.S. senator from the Golden State.



It is unclear that Harris’ policies would diverge significantly from Biden’s if she were to run for the party’s presidential nomination in 2024, though she might lean more to the left on matters like immigration, abortion, and foreign policy. Democrat strategist Julian Epstein notes that Harris hasn’t demonstrated a “core set of beliefs on anything,” so the possibility of her taking office is unclear.

“[It’s] unclear what a Harris administration would look like because, to the best of my knowledge, she has never demonstrated a fundamental set of convictions on anything, and her prior experience as vice president in the federal service was comparatively brief. She has, like many politicians, mostly been an opportunist. She tweeted about her support for legalization after locking up numerous people for possessing marijuana. “She was a social justice warrior after serving as a centrist prosecutor,” Epstein said to Fox News Digital. 


According to Epstein, the “creep of the intersectional far left would continue” under a hypothetical Harris administration because Democrats would require “a lot of spines, guile, and moxie to stand up to the intersectional left,” qualities that Harris has not consistently demonstrated.


Under the Biden administration, immigration problems have gotten worse to the point where 16.8 million illegal immigrants are presently living in the United States, according to a new report. Research released by the National Immigration Center for Enforcement states that of that number, over 7 million are not being monitored or imprisoned, and over 9 million are thought to be getaways or overstayers on their visas. Less than 2% of undocumented immigrants are either detained or enrolled in ICE’s Alternatives to Detention programs, according to the survey.


“Both she and the Democrats have failed miserably on immigration. According to Epstein, “Harris also flops among voters when delivering word salads and odd non sequitur profundities.” Upwards of 80% of the public disapproves of Biden’s record on immigration, and I still see no signs that the Democrats get this or, even if they do, have the gumption to stand up for what’s right here.