Netanyahu Shoots Down Hamas Propaganda

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed an ABC News journalist on Sunday for his promotion of Hamas terrorist propaganda. During a Sunday interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on “This Week,” Netanyahu was asked to respond to President Joe Biden’s claim that Israel’s military campaign is “over the top.”

In response, Netanyahu stated, “I appreciate President Biden’s support for Israel since the beginning of the war. I don’t know exactly what he meant by that, but put yourself in Israel’s shoes. We were attacked. unprovoked attack, murderous attack, on October 7th, the worst attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust.”

He then went on to emphasize that Israel has responded to Hamas’ unprecedented attack in a manner that tackles the terrorists while minimizing civilian casualties in Gaza even as Hamas tries to hide among civilians.

Netanyahu further explained how hard Israel has tried to keep the loss of innocent life to the most possible minimum, pointing out how the Israeli Defense Forces urged Palestinians to leave their homes through calls and fliers and how they gave the civilians safe zones to leave the endangered Gaza strip.

Despite his attempt to set things straight, Karl went on to note that Israel has killed 28,000 people, a false claim pushed by the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

Schooling the journalist, Netanyahu stated, “I think that any civilian loss, any civilian casualty is a tragedy, and it’s a tragedy that is forced upon us by Hamas. But let me tell you something. I’d be cautious with the Hamas statistics. And I can tell you that, according to these urban warfare experts and other commentators, we’ve brought down the civilian-to-terrorist casualties, the ratio, down below 1-1, which is considerably less than in any other theater of similar warfare. And we’re going to do more.”

He went on to explain further, “We have killed — we’ve killed and wounded over 20,000 Hamas terrorists, out of that about 12,000 — 12,000 fighters. And we’re doing everything we can to minimize civilian casualties and continue to do so. But one thing we’re not going to do is we’re not going to let Hamas emerge victorious. And if we leave, it will be a tremendous victory for the Iran terror axis. It’s bad for everyone.”