School District To Be Investigated After Mishandling Disturbing Shower Incident

A school district is under scrutiny after four of its freshman girls were allegedly exposed to an adult man who identified as a woman in the locker room of a high school in Wisconsin. The incident occurred earlier this year after a swim unit in a physical education class, where the girls were showering. Now, a law firm is escalating the case.

The man, an 18-year-old student, reportedly entered the changing area, announced his transgender identity, and proceeded to undress in front of the students and shower next to them. According to a complaint lodged against the school, he then allegedly turned and exposed his genitalia to the girls, causing further distress.

This disturbing event has prompted the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, a nonprofit law firm, to demand an investigation by the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

According to a letter obtained by The Daily Caller, WILL filed a civil rights complaint to the OCR, accusing the Sun Prairie Area School District of failing to address the concerns of both students and parents regarding the incident. 

The group argues that the district’s policy, which allows transgender students to use the locker room of their choice, disregards federal law and contributes to similar incidents in which young girls are confronted with a naked adult male. 

Aside from its policy, the district’s response to the incident has also been called into question.

In April, WILL sent a letter to the school district, urging immediate action and clarification of the locker room policy. The district responded by launching a web page addressing the incident and promising improved communication and support for LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and families.

Dan Lennington, an attorney with WILL, expressed disappointment in the school district’s refusal to take action, stating, “We believe that the responses from the school district so far have been entirely inadequate. They have not been transparent. They have violated federal law numerous times without apology, and still maintain to this day that transgender students can use whatever locker room they want to use.”

As a result of the conservative group’s beliefs that the district’s response has been insufficient, they are demanding a thorough investigation by the OCR to ensure the safety and privacy of students.

WILL also criticized the Biden administration’s failure to provide clear guidelines on gender identity and what constitutes gender discrimination.

WILL’s demand for a thorough OCR investigation follows parents’ calls for the district to get a better handle on issues like these and ensure the protection and privacy of all students involved as they believe that the four girls were blatantly violated.