Trump Endorsed By Michigan Police Union

Former President Donald Trump got endorsed by one of the biggest police unions in Michigan after he made remarks at an event with law enforcement in the state on Tuesday.

After his speech, the Police Officers Association of Michigan President James Tignanelli announced that the union was endorsing Trump. Citing the ongoing border crisis under President Joe Biden’s administration, Tignanelli expressed the belief that Trump would make a better choice for the White House.

“Why would you expect people to obey the law when millions are rewarded for disobeying it?” the union boss asked, adding, “We need you to make America look great again.”

“On behalf of 12,000 Law Enforcement people that the Police Officers Association of Michigan represent—We want you to accept our endorsement for President of the United States,” he continued.

Tignanelli went on to bring up Trump’s attendance of slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller’s wake last week. According to him, Trump’s presence at the wake “brought honor to every police officer, every deputy sheriff, every law enforcement officer.”

“Wherever we were in this country, when we saw what you did … that’s a boost for all of us,” he said.

The support from the 12,000-member police union is another win for Trump. The union also supported his presidential bids in 2016 and 2020.

The presidential elections in 2016 was favorable for Trump, as he won the state in his matchup with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He, however, lost to Biden in 2020.

During Tuesday’s event with law enforcement, Trump spoke about the killing of 25-year-old Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant last month.

Pointing to how the suspect, Brandon Ortiz-Vite had been deported from the U.S. under his administration before he returned under the Biden administration, the GOP presumptive nominee said, “We threw him out of the country and Crooked Joe Biden took him back. The illegal alien charged with Ruby’s really heinous killing, this is somebody who had many, many arrests, including for some very bad crimes that he committed.”

“And he was set loose to roam our streets, and in this case, set loose to roam in Michigan by politicians who are Left and weak and stupid,” he added.

Trump also brought up the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, who was allegedly killled in February by an illegal immigrant while she went on a run close to the college campus.

Taking a hit at Biden’s handling of the border, Trump pointed to how “every state is now a border state, every town is now a border town because Joe Biden has brought the carnage and chaos and killing from all over the world and dumped it straight into our backyards.”