Dem Rep. Warns Of Putin’s Power Grab If Trump Wins

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) believes former President Donald Trump would “hand the keys” of the country over to Russian President Vladimir Putin should win the presidential election in November.

Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” she said, “I think that it’s hard again to explain these big things, but, you know, best guess is that the Ukrainians could run out of ammunition in the spring. Our best guess is they will run out of capabilities to protect places like Kyiv from ballistic missiles probably by the summer.”

“You should expect massive refugee flows, the grain deal that we have on the table to continue to get grain out of Ukraine could fall apart, and then you could see food prices spike across the world,” she added.

Slotkin went on to predict that a Trump presidency would lead to Putin taking more territory, some of which could be NATO countries. According to her, the Russian president is not done invading territories after Ukraine but is only waiting to see if Trump would win the election.

“My sense is Donald Trump would hand the keys over to Putin. Why fight when you can just get the keys from a new American president?” she added before introducing her big solution, “So I think this year the goal is to allow the Ukrainians to keep those lines to push back, to defend themselves until we get through this election. I’ll be honest, and then if Trump wins I think Putin will be thrilled, and he’s going to be looking to negotiate over Ukraine as soon as possible with Donald Trump.”

The Democrat’s assertions that Putin will be “thrilled” if Trump becomes reelected comes a couple of days after Putin himself has said he prefers to see President Joe Biden win the election.

During an interview with Russian state television, he praised Biden as the “more experienced, more predictable” option.

He, however, added, “But we will work with any U.S. president who the American people have confidence in.”