Hillary Clinton Said Women Cost Her 2016 Election, Deserted Her

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tried to put the blame of the 2016 loss to former president Donald Trump on women. According to The New York Times, Clinton said that female voters abandoned her following the re-opening of an investigation into her email server before the election.

“They left me because they just couldn’t take a risk on me, because as a woman, I’m supposed to be perfect. They were willing to take a risk on Trump — who had a long list of, let’s call them flaws, to illustrate his imperfection — because he was a man, and they could envision a man as president and commander in chief,” Clinton shared with the Times as she discussed her new book, “The Fall of Roe: The Rise of a New America.”

Clinton went on to say that most Americans ignored her warnings about abortion, which has been the main point headlined by Democrats and the Biden-Harris campaign’s election efforts.

“Too many women, particularly too many young women, did not understand the effort that went into creating the underlying theory of Roe v. Wade. And the young women on my campaign made a very compelling argument that making it safe and legal was really the goal. I kind of just pocketed the framework of Roe,” she stated before going ahead to accuse Democrats of underestimating the strength of the pro-life movement.

“We didn’t take it seriously, and we didn’t understand the threat. Most Democrats, most Americans, did not realize we are in an existential struggle for the future of this country,” she continued.

According to Clinton, Democrats did not see to the codification of abortion rights into federal law even when they had a majority in the Senate because they never saw the risk the subject held.

“[The right is] relentless. You know, they take a loss, they get back up, they regroup, they raise more money. It’s tremendously impressive the way that they operate. And we have nothing like it on our side,” Clinton said.