Carville Predicts Weak Trump’s Performance In General Election

Where many in the Republican Party see strength, some like political commentator James Carville see weakness. On MSNBC’s “The Beat” on Tuesday, Carville said that former President Donald Trump’s performance in the general election would be “very weak.”

During the interview, anchor Ari Melber began by casting a doubt on Trump’s victory in the Michigan Republican primary on Tuesday, suggesting that the about 30% votes he did not secure makes him weak.

“We have Michigan on Tuesday, Trump won there and a lot of primary voters didn’t choose him,” Melber stated, adding, “These are certainly victories and they’re certain mathematically on the road to clinching the nomination if they continue, but I wonder, James, does he have any concern if the third active primary voters aren’t sold on Trump right now?”

In response, Carville backed the claims of Trump’s weakness, saying, “How could you not have concern? Eugene McCarthy got 38% or something like that in New Hampshire and Lyndon Johnson had to leave. Of course he is very weak. That’s something people have to understand, his primary numbers are weak and his fund-raising numbers are even weaker. The Democrats have such an advantage right now and they don’t appreciate it.”

“They all are in angst about the Supreme Court which I could have told them that was what they were going to do. We’re in a very commanding position in terms of fund raising and also in terms of dissatisfaction with Trump among a significant part of the Republican Party. 30% is, I don’t know, that ain’t chopped liver. That’s a lot of votes and your own party and what they’re not getting,” he added.

Like Carville, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley sounded sure that Trump will not win the general election while she discussed his prospects with CNN’s Jake Tapper during an interview last week.

“What I’m trying to tell all Republicans and anybody, independents as well, anybody that’s voting in those primaries, is if you want a change in our country, which I think the entire country wants a change, we won’t get a change if we don’t win an election. Donald Trump will not win the general election. You can have him win any primary you want. He will not win a general election,” she stated.

Haley further laid out the ways she believes Trump has hurt the Republican Party during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on Tuesday.

“You’re seeing the same thing whether you look at all the early states, Donald Trump didn’t get 40% of any of the Republican primary vote, it is a problem. He’s not bringing people into the party, he’s pushing people out of the party. Colorado today has 10% less Republicans than they had before when Donald Trump was president. And so this is just a pattern we continue to see,” she stated, warning that the GOP is a ship with a hole.