Trump Slams Biden Over Migrant Crime

A day before their separate visits to the southern border, former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for his handling of the border. In a video posted to Truth Social, the GOP presidential candidate slammed the Biden administration for releasing Jose Ibarra, an illegal immigrant who has been charged in the murder of 22–year-old Georgia student Laken Riley.

“Migrant crime is taking over America. From his very first day, Joe Biden allowed an invasion of our country, resettling dangerous illegal aliens from all over the world into American communities to prey on our people,” he stated, adding, “The latest victim of Joe Biden’s premeditated border invasion is Laken Riley. Last week, Laken went out for her morning jog and never came back home. A Biden migrant has been charged with brutally attacking her, beating her, kidnapping her, and murdering her.”

“This monster never should have been allowed in our country. He was released at crooked Joe’s orders and set loose into our country. How many more innocent victims must be harmed? How much more innocent blood must be spilled until we stop this invasion?” he added.

The GOP frontrunner went on to promise security in the border through a large-scale deportation operation.

An illegal immigrant identified as Jose Ibarra is reportedly behind the death of Riley who was found dead after she went out on a morning run in the University of Georgia’s campus in Athens. Police had found her body in a wooded area after she was reported missing.

According to arrest affidavits, Ibarra used an unspecified object to hit her, causing her blunt force trauma and “disfiguring her skull.”

Per authorities, Ibarra, a Venezuelan, crossed into El Paso, Texas in September 2022. He was initially released into the country by federal authorities due to a lack of room to detain him. He would later be arrested in New York last year for injuring a child. However, he was also released.

Trump also spoke about the tragic murder during his remarks at the border on Thursday.

Emphasizing the sad incident, he stated, “A beautiful 22-year-old nursing student from Georgia was barbarically attacked. She was on a morning run… she was a beautiful young woman. I spoke to her parents yesterday, they are incredible people. They are devastated beyond belief. She was so beautiful in so many ways.”