DeSantis Pledges Fiscal Responsibility In COVID-19 Booster Funding

In a candid interview with ABC News, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has reaffirmed his commitment to responsible spending and a thorough examination of pandemic policies. Speaking from an oil rig in Midland, Texas, where he unveiled his proposed presidential energy policy, DeSantis addressed the hot-button issue of COVID-19 booster shots.

When asked by ABC News’ Linsey Davis if his stance on booster shots for Floridians under 65 would extend to his potential presidency, DeSantis made his position clear: “Well, certainly we’re not gonna fund them,” he stated firmly. 

The Republican candidate went on to express concerns about the efficacy and necessity of booster shots, citing limited studies and questioning their long-term impact.

When the host pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disagreed with his views, DeSantis didn’t hesitate to voice his skepticism. “But how good has CDC done, with all due respect, over the last few years?” he asked, recalling instances when the CDC had promoted questionable studies, such as the effectiveness of masks and the early claims about mRNA vaccines.

“So trust that’s been lost I think has been incalculable and one of the things I said when I come in is we’re gonna have a reckoning about all these COVID policies,” he added.

The interview extended to the governor’s criticism of lockdowns and school closures, which he deemed unscientific and unjustified. “How is it that we had kids locked out of school in this country for over a year in certain jurisdictions? That was not scientifically valid,” he asserted, echoing concerns raised by many Republicans throughout the pandemic.

DeSantis’ stance on boosters found support from Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, who recently cautioned healthy adults under 65 against receiving additional COVID-19 shots. Ladapo cited the existing levels of immunity in the community and raised questions about the safety and effectiveness of boosters for this demographic.

Contrary to DeSantis’ position, the Food and Drug Administration and the CDC have authorized and recommended updated COVID-19 vaccines for everyone aged six months and older to protect against what they call serious illness in the coming months.

Following the announcement, DeSantis and top health officials advised Floridians not to follow the federal health recommendations, as they warn against a lack of evidence that the new booster provides benefits over risks.