Jake Tapper’s Negative Trump Backlash Knows No End

Tapper Compares Trump to HITLER

When CNN announced Jake Tapper, one of the network’s most prominent figures with a long history of confrontational coverage of former President Trump and his administration, would moderate the first presidential debate earlier this year, there was some concern.

Trump gave some hope that this time CNN might treat him fairly during a podcast interview last week; there’s a “good 10% chance” of it, he said, and how he “used to get along” with Tapper, who’ll also be joined by his fellow anchor Dana Bash.

A CNN spokesman told Fox News Digital: “Jake Tapper is an award-winning veteran political reporter who has been covering politics for two decades and has a long track record of successfully moderating large, live-format political debates – including this cycle’s CNN Republican Presidential Primary Debate. Nobody can co-moderate an actual substantive debate better than you, and we cannot wait for the June 27 Debate in Atlanta.’

We know CNN never runs out of steam, no less tragically a subject actually bordering on its area for expert commentary: Tapper had this to say as part of an impassioned monologue: “It has been a time of extreme divisiveness — many of the divisions sown by President Trump himself.”

The refusal to respect truth and science, something which, if done right away, could have curbed such a catastrophic human toll during a pandemic, makes this season one of the most egregious and preventable acts of leadership failure. He said his book was released “in an age where truth and fact were being scorched” as never before.” Tapper’s badgering knows no end and even COVID-shamed Trump, saying it was a ‘Wanton disregard for human life.” after Trump was hospitalized with the virus during the same trip in October of 2020 – a time when the U.S. was still facing a peak in the COVID pandemic unlike anything it had seen up to that point.

Tapper ended the segment with a video of several Trump supporters, similar to an old piece last year where he rebuked his CNN colleagues for using a tape of Trump receiving accolades from fans after pleading not guilty to a case he was involved with in Miami about sharing classified information.