White House Will NOT SUSPEND Re-Election Campaign

Biden “WILL NOT Step Down”

Speaking on Wednesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that President Biden is “absolutely not” thinking about withdrawing from the 2024 presidential contest.


Biden will not withdraw from the race for a second term despite pressure from Democrats, former staff members, and friends, according to the White House.


According to a New York Times story that broke early on Wednesday, Biden has discussed the prospect of withdrawing from the race in private with close friends. However, Jean-Pierre remained adamant when asked if Biden would withdraw from the race at the briefing.


“Without a doubt,” she said. “And you heard, I think, I believe, directly from the campaign as well.”


Reiterating his own justification from Tuesday night, Jean-Pierre said that the president’s subpar debate performance was caused by “a cold” and that he was still getting over his “jet lag” after traveling to Europe for the G-7 conference.


“He didn’t have the finest night. He acknowledges that it is reasonable for people to pose that issue, but his track record and accomplishments will never be forgotten. We will never forget how he has provided for the needs of the American people for over four years,” the speaker remarked. “That is also important. Additionally, he has the best track record in modern politics and history, which should be significant.”


Biden, according to Jean-Pierre, “wants to continue to do that work.”

Many of the programs he has proposed are highly popular with the majority of Americans. He has succeeded in establishing robust economic policies and in adding 15 million new jobs. That’s something he wants to continue working on. Thus, he wants to go on providing and growing health care, all of which he considers to be crucial, she added. “He wants to make sure that people do not forget about the record that he has been able to lay out on behalf of the American people.”


Jean-Pierre emphasized once more that the argument was only “a bad night.”


“He didn’t have the finest night. It was a cold for him. He had jet lag. The president spoke with you directly about this, she added. “And when we get knocked out, when he gets knocked down, he gets right back up.”


“That’s what I would focus on,” she continued. The president is still quite solid and is working for the people of the United States.” On Wednesday, Jean-Pierre insisted that Biden “is staying in the race.”


Even Biden declared, “I’m running. I am the Democratic Party’s leader. Nobody is ejecting me.”


In an apparent attempt to try to quell disarray among friends inside the party following the debate, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris allegedly made an unexpected appearance on a teleconference to the Democratic National Committee.


During an all-staff meeting on Wednesday, White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients urged individuals to block out the “noise” and concentrate on the business of governing.