New Research Says Dems Want Biden to ‘KEEP GOING’


The issue with removing President Biden from the Democratic Party’s ticket, according to CNN polling expert Harry Enten on Wednesday, is that the base still believes in him.


“The fact of the matter is, most Democratic voters, two-thirds of them, want Joe Biden to stay in this race,” Enten stated. “They don’t want him to quit.”


Enten cited a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on Tuesday, which revealed that 66% of Democrats thought Biden should remain at the head of the ticket, while 32% of Democrats wanted him to drop out of the race following his debate with former President Trump.


Yes, the majority of voters do want him to go, Enten remarked. However, Joe Biden is favored among Democratic voters. The numbers Joe Biden is currently receiving don’t resemble the last two occasions when Democratic incumbents said, “You know what? It’s time for me to move on.


Enten made reference to past presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Harry Truman, who declined to seek reelection as incumbents.

Not “activists,” but the Democratic base, according to the polling expert, is the main force behind “pressure on their members of Congress, their governors, the elected officials, and party actors to try and get Biden to leave.”


He posted an overview of his analysis on X Wednesday.


“A big issue with getting Biden out?” penned Enten. “Democrats oppose Biden withdrawing from the contest. Voters who have the power to sway their elected officials favor Biden’s reelection. The available facts do not support the theories of Truman (52) or Johnson (68). They have a striking resemblance to Bush (92), who lost by staying in.”


Ultimately, following his unimpressive debate performance on Thursday, Biden still has a long way to go before he can win back the trust of the public. According to a recent CBS News survey, a sizable portion of Americans now question his mental health.


That study indicates that 72% of people believe Biden is not psychologically capable of serving. According to Enten, on Tuesday, just 36% of people believed that Biden was too elderly to be president four years ago.


Following the debate, the Biden campaign has consistently rebuffed demands for the president to get out of the race.