DeSantis Pushing For Term Limits For Congress

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing for term limits for politicians in Florida who serve in the U.S. Congress. He is also hoping that the effort spreads beyond his state, as he predicted that other states will soon follow suit and make proposed amendments to Article V of the Constitution to address the issue.

The former GOP presidential candidate told reporters during a visit to South Carolina on Tuesday that many people across the country like the idea of term limits, emphasizing his belief that the move would see widespread adoption.

“I was just in Indiana today meeting with some of the senators there. Their House has done it. I think their Senate’s gonna do it, too. North Carolina, I believe one of the Houses has done it,” he stated.

“So I was able to meet with some of the senators here because I think this is something that the people in the states have the ability to propose changes to discipline Washington. The Founding Fathers structured the Constitution like that for a reason. I think it’s something that would get huge support,” he added.

Highlighting the importance of term limits, he explained, “We’ve seen what’s happened up there. It’s been really poor performance for decades now. The incentives are not right. We need to change the incentives. Term limits is one way to do it.”

“And so my hope is that states, particularly states that want to see big changes in Washington, will use the power that they have to advance these really important proposals, like term limits. But we have the ability in the states working together, to propose some really important changes, that are gonna be beneficial to this country,” he concluded.

DeSantis shared a video of his address in a post to X, in which he wrote, “At the invitation of the U.S. Term Limits organization, I traveled today to encourage other state legislators to follow Florida’s lead and pass a resolution to call for a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. We will never turn our country around if we don’t change the incentives in DC.”

During the 2024 Legislative Session, Florida legislators voted to pass House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 693 calling for a U.S. Term Limits convention. The state is among six states that have passed resolutions to make the application for a convention, including Alabama, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Missouri.

There is, however, more work to be done as the U.S. Term Limits convention requires two-thirds of the 50 states to pass resolutions calling for it.