North Dakota Governor Burgum Asks the Tough Questions

North Dakota Governor Questions CNN

Possible pick for vice president, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, challenged CNN to uphold its slogan,”the most trusted name in the news,” by questioning through the lens of security at the impending presidential arguments. Appearing Sunday on the network’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash,” Burgum stressed the importance of the questions, particularly amid a divided political climate.

Burgum noted that CNN hosted the debate featuring President Biden and former President Donald Trump. Huth told The New American, “This is more than just a debate – it’s a rematch of the last election cycle where vital questions remain unanswered.” In particular, he encouraged CNN to do a follow-up on the scandal involving Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“The most trusted name in news’ would ask some tough questions,”  Burgum said. We had this argument right at the time of the election four years ago. He literally said that Hunter Biden‘s laptop was a “smear campaign of Russian disinformation, garbage.” 

Burgum’s statement highlights the importance of responsibility and openness. Oh – and he offers CNN a last shot at redemption – by pressing President Biden with questions to which the American public actually deserves answers. What was thought to be a debunking of Russian disinformation on Hunter Biden’s allegations regarding Ukraine are also being proven true, which calls into question the trustworthiness, integrity, and honesty of President Joe Biden.

It is a big moment for the broadcaster and its credibility. If CNN wants to make right its commitment to fair coverage and win back the trust of viewers fed up with MSM games, then we need to see them answer the hard questions and keep both candidates honest.

However, Burgum’s appeal for difficult questions also reflects a more widespread belief among conservative voters that President Joe Biden has not been sufficiently challenged in the media. Concerning other major issues, from the handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the administration’s policies on the border, the economy, and foreign relations, the U.S. needs to address these matters in a more open and honest way.

In calling on CNN to up its game, Burgum is pushing for a more balanced and comprehensive examination of the candidates’ records and positions. The scene is perhaps even more essential in a debate where voters can see and hear what the presidential candidates are doing today. This one will test whether the media can host a reasonable and informative debate for most.

In the end, Burgum’s words can serve as a challenge to CNN that it actually become – instead of just referring to itself as being – a “trusted” network. The American people need a real debate in which the tough issues that impact their lives get seriously discussed instead of buried under shallow talking points. CNN must step up, though, and make an effort to elevate itself from the loathable lizard of news to support a more educated electorate.