The Presidential Debate is HEATING UP

Trump vs Biden FACEOFF

It’s an understatement to say that there’s a tremendous amount at stake in Thursday’s first of two debates between President Biden and former President Trump, given the closeness of the race and the possibility that every vote will matter come November.


The CNN Presidential Debate is being hosted at the cable news network’s studios in Atlanta, the largest city and capital of the critical battleground state of Georgia in the Southeast. The two presumed major party contenders will square off on the same stage.



“With more than two months until the next debate, this is a close contest. Referring to the first-ever presidential debate for a general election in modern history, veteran Republican strategist and communications adviser Matt Gorman told Fox News that “this showdown is going to set a tone and a narrative heading into this summer’s conventions.”


The debate, which will be aired on the Fox News Channel and other networks, has the potential “to change the narrative in a massive way” as Biden and Trump “try to break out” from the present status quo, according to Gorman, a veteran of multiple GOP presidential campaigns.

The 90-minute debate will begin at 9 p.m. ET and include two commercial breaks.


The only candidates on stage will be the Democratic incumbent and his Republican predecessor, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and other independent and third-party contenders for the White House did not make the cut.


In order to advance, contenders had to score at least 15% in four recognized national surveys and appear on ballots in enough states to total 270 electoral votes—the requisite number for winning the presidency.


The Commission on Presidential Debates, which had arranged these four-year matchups for more than thirty years, was disregarded in favor of mutually agreed-upon guidelines.


These include no studio audience, no introductory remarks, no props or notes allowed on stage, and muted microphones for all candidates except when it’s their turn to respond to questions.



There will be closing remarks, and the coin toss winner will determine whether Trump has the last say.


The discussion takes place as polls show that Biden and Trump are running a very close race, with the former president having a modest advantage in numerous national surveys and surveys conducted in the roughly half a dozen swing states that will probably decide the election outcome.