Will Biden Resign From the Debate After Admitting He Isn’t Well-Recieved?


President Biden is being urged to resign by prominent publications, including The New Yorker magazine, whose editor described watching Biden at Thursday’s debate as an “agonizing experience.”


The New Yorker has now joined The New York Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as the third newspaper to urge Biden to make way for a less experienced Democratic candidate.


Editor of The New Yorker David Remnick commented, “We have long known that Biden, no matter what issue you might take with one policy or another, is no longer a fluid or effective communicator of those policies.”


“Asked about his decline, the Biden communications team and his understandably protective surrogates and advisers would deliver responses to journalists that sounded an awful lot like what we all, sooner or later, tell acquaintances when asked about aging parents: they have good days and bad days,” wrote Biden.

The editorial board of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls on Biden to resign “for the good of the nation.”


Remnick said that seeing Biden “wander into senselessness” inspired “pity” and “fear for the nation” among onlookers.


“Watching Thursday’s debate, observing Biden wander into senselessness onstage, was an agonizing experience, and it is bound to obliterate all those vague and qualified descriptions from White House insiders about good days and bad days forever,” he said.


“You watched it, and, on the most basic human level, you could only feel pity for the man and, more, fear for the country.”


Remnick spoke out in response to defensive statements made by Gov. Gavin Newsom, First Lady Jill Biden, and former President Obama, who are among Biden’s supporters.


“Such loyalty can be excused, at least momentarily,” he said. “They did what they felt they had to do to fend off an immediate implosion of Biden’s campaign, a potentially irreversible cratering of his poll numbers, an evaporation of his fund-raising, and the looming threat of Trump Redux.”


Biden’s years of public service would be directly at odds with his decision to remain in the race, according to the editor of The New Yorker.


“To stay in the race would be pure vanity, uncharacteristic of someone whom most have come to view as decent and devoted to public service,” Remnick said.


“To stay in the race, at this post-debate point, would also suggest that it is impossible to imagine a more vital ticket,” he said.


Remnick ended his article by saying there “is no shame in growing old” but rather “honor” in stepping down and leaving the contest.


In response to his clumsy performance, President Biden said, “I don’t debate as well as I used to.”