Despite Age Concerns Biden’s Confidence SKYROCKETS


Replacing President Joe Biden may prove to be a difficult legal task, but one that some political organizations are already bracing for, as demands for Biden’s retirement have grown inside the Democratic Party in the wake of Thursday night’s presidential debate against former President Donald Trump. Biden’s problems coincide with a string of progressive members of Congress and the judiciary who, in defiance of liberal activists’ demands, have declined to resign.


Mike Howell, executive director of the Heritage Oversight Project, a conservative watchdog organization, told Fox News Digital in an interview that “the leverage is pretty much all with President Biden.”


“I anticipate that the talks will take this form since it is much harder to forcibly replace him than it is for him to freely step down. I believe that Jill Biden, President Biden, and—interestingly enough—myself are the only ones now battling to keep President Biden’s name on the ballot. We will file a lawsuit to ensure that he remains on the ballot.”


According to Howell, finding a substitute for a presidential candidate is “not easy” and would provide a “massive legal and logistical nightmare for the replacement candidate.”


“There are precedents of candidates dying and other state and local races before, but this is unchartered territory because it’s presidential, and so what you have are basically 50 different steps, sets of rules, laws, procedures, and political environments that they have to navigate through,” said Howell. “And so ultimately, whatever they do, it will be so fact-dependent that certain states will become more important than others.”

Furthermore, Biden is hardly the first liberal or Democrat politician to let progressives down by rejecting such demands to step down.


The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in 2020 after 27 years in her seat. When she passed away during President Trump’s administration, she was 87 years old. She was successfully nominated and replaced on the bench by Amy Coney Barrett.


90-year-old California senator Dianne Feinstein passed away in September. She made her last Senate vote a few hours before she passed away. The seat is now one of the most fiercely fought in this election, with Rep. Adam Schiff and Republican contender and former MLB player Steve Garvey fighting for the position.


Retired House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an 84-year-old Democrat from California, has been called to step down. Rather than back down, Pelosi has committed to running for reelection this year in order to continue serving in the House for another 36 years. Pelosi has always been a lightning rod that stokes Republican fervor and is a valuable resource for conservative political campaigns and fundraising.