State Claims Trump is ‘POISONOUS’ to the Nation

State SUES Over Reprehensible LAWFARE

In his complaint against the state of New York, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey claimed that the state had infringed upon Missourians’ First Amendment right to hear from former President Trump in the 2024 presidential contest.


In his case, Bailey claims that just months before the election, New York’s “illicit prosecution, gag order, and sentencing” of Trump damaged his chances of running for president by preventing Missourians from learning about him and from casting an educated ballot.


In his lawsuit, he asks the Supreme Court to rule that the limitations placed by New York on President Trump’s campaign trail illegally affect the outcome of the election, to lift any gag orders placed against the former president, and to postpone his sentencing until after the election.

“Missouri is currently having a serious issue with New York. Radical progressives in New York are attempting to manipulate the 2024 election by directly attacking our democratic process rather than allowing presidential candidates to run on their own merits, according to Bailey.


“I refuse to watch helplessly while prosecutors funded by Soros take Missouri voters hostage in this presidential contest. In order to guarantee that every Missourian can exercise their right to hear from and vote for the presidential candidate of their choice, I am bringing a lawsuit.”


The lawsuit alleges three specific violations: violating the First Amendment, interfering with the presidential election in another state, and changing election laws illegally in the months preceding an election. This happened exactly one month after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg of New York obtained a guilty verdict against Trump.


Trump was convicted on 34 charges of first-degree business record fabrication. On all counts, Trump entered a not-guilty plea. The maximum prison term for each count is four years. A maximum sentence of 136 years is possible for Trump.



“American democracy is poisoned by this lawfare. There should be no obstruction from New York during the presidential election process for the people of the United States.” Bailey stated that any sentencing and gag order need to be postponed until after the election.


Bailey details in the lawsuit how Bragg filed the allegations against Trump, claiming that he did so to support President Biden’s campaign and prevent Trump from winning the presidency.



Bailey pointed out that Bragg had sued Trump in the past while employed by the New York Attorney General’s Office, and he had pledged during his candidacy for the present job to bring his legal knowledge to bear on the Trump case.