UN Official Albanese Is ACCUSED of ANTISEMETIC Behavior

ANTISEMITISM From U.N. Official Continues

In Jerusalem – Due to accusations of antisemitism, it seems as if walls are closing in on a UN official. The special rapporteur on Palestinian territories, Francesca Albanese, gained notoriety lately for her criticism of the Jewish state for its successful rescue of four hostages held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas militants in June.


“Francesca Albanese is the very definition of a terror sympathizing antisemite,” said Gilad Erdan, Israel’s departing ambassador to the United Nations, in an interview with Fox News Digital. Her only objective in her work at the U.N. is to bring about the collapse of the State of Israel. Given her animosity for Israel, I don’t find it surprising that the secretary general is doing nothing to stop her from justifying acts of violence against Israelis.”


“Enough is enough,” Hillel Neuer, the executive director of U.N. Watch, said to Fox News Digital. “Francesca Albanese has to go from her job right now. Albanese has misused her U.N. position to disseminate propaganda for Hamas for far too long. She is the first-ever special rapporteur of the United Nations to face antisemitic criticism from France, Germany, and the United States. 

“It’s time for the United States and other democracies to act now and fire Francesca Albanese,” he said. The Human Rights Council may do this by adopting a resolution. They must vehemently denounce her till then for spreading antisemitism and misusing her authority by participating in unlawful, blatantly political, and dishonest lobbying efforts.”


Regarding the rescue effort, Albanese wrote on X on June 8th, saying, “This is ‘humanitarian camouflage’ at another level.” Israel has used the captives as a justification for murdering, maiming, starving, and traumatizing Palestinians in Gaza. Additionally, as the level of violence against Palestinians in Israel and the remaining occupied area increases. When the initial ceasefire (sic) and prisoner exchange was proposed eight months ago, Israel had the opportunity to release every captive alive and well. However, Israel refused to stop destroying Gaza and the Palestinian people. This is the actualization of genocidal purposes. really clear.”


The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs‘ deputy spokesman, Alex Gandler, commented on X about Albanese, saying, “Your unwavering support of Hamas and Palestinian civilian kidnappers of civilians is truly a piece of grotesque art.” Missing the mark on history, lady.