Ron DeSantis Challenges Gavin Newsom To Enter 2024 Presidential Race

During a press conference in Fort Pierce, Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis took a playful jab at California Governor Gavin Newsom, who seems to have a peculiar fascination with the Sunshine State. DeSantis boldly dared Newsom to stop “pussyfooting around” and join the 2024 presidential race to challenge President Joe Biden.

DeSantis pointed out the significant issues plaguing Newsom’s own state, emphasizing the problems evident in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as the alarming number of people fleeing California.

Between 2020 and 2022, more than 500,000 people left California due to issues ranging from homelessness to crime. It doesn’t help that the state struggles with blackouts and declining education. Meanwhile, Florida saw an uptick in its residents as over 700,000 people moved to the state between 2020 and 2023.

“California was probably the height of opportunity for middle class Americans for many, many decades in this country.… People were drawn there, and yet, he’s the first governor that’s overseen a massive exodus out of California,” DeSantis stated.

The Florida governor addressed the motivations behind people’s decision to leave California, dismissing the notion that it is solely due to weather preferences. Instead, DeSantis pointed out that individuals relocate to places like Florida because they cannot bear the mismanagement and ineffective governance that has permeated California under Newsom’s leadership.

Urging Newsom to stop the rhetoric and make a decisive move, DeSantis challenged him to throw his hat in the ring and actively participate in the presidential race, rather than merely sitting on the sidelines and chirping.

“Are you going to throw your hat in the ring and challenge Joe? Are you going to get in and do it or are you just gonna sit on the sidelines and chirp? Why don’t you throw your hat in the ring, and then we’ll go ahead and talk about what’s happening.”

Newsom’s national profile has been rising steadily, leading to speculation about his presidential ambitions. Although he has publicly supported President Biden’s reelection campaign and raised funds for him, Newsom’s actions indicate a broader strategy that might see him bid for the presidency at some point in the future.

After winning reelection as governor in 2022, he established a political action committee using the leftover campaign funds. According to him, the money will be used to support the election bid of Democratic candidates in Republican-dominated states, such as Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi. Additionally, he aims to advocate for a 28th amendment to strengthen federal gun laws.

Despite Newsom’s efforts, his potential journey to the White House seems far-fetched as a Quinnipiac University poll revealed that the majority of Californians, including Democrats, do not believe he should run for president. Only 22% of respondents expressed hope for Newsom’s entry into the race, while a whopping 70% opposed the idea.