Biden Claims Trump is a Genuine THREAT to the NATION

‘Trump is a THREAT to Nation’

Following his dismal debate performance, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Jaime Harrison made an effort to allay speculations about President Biden’s successor by asserting that the party supports the president.


Harrison said that the “hand-wringing” that is occurring in the media is a result of the public’s continued strong support for President Biden, according to MSNBC commentator Al Sharpton.


“You hear the hand-wringing coming from pundits, Rev, and from op-eds like the New York Times, but you don’t hear from the people,” he said.


“What I have seen is that galvanization, particularly in the Black community,” he said. “My name is Black guy. You know, in the Black community, you can say anything you want about a member of your family, but don’t allow someone else.” This is why I’ve witnessed the mobilization of support for Joe Biden.”

According to the DNC chairman, Biden has the support of the public because he has “always had our back.”


“That’s what I’ve seen in terms of support of Joe Biden because for us, Joe Biden has always had our back, and we’re going to have his,” he said.


Harrison said, “So we’re still riding with Biden.”

Throughout parts of Thursday night’s debate, Biden struggled, giving meandering responses in a hoarse voice. Additionally, he often lost his line of thought, which alarmed his closest political and media friends.


Democrats and leftist media personalities were said to be in “panic” after Biden’s performance during the debate.


The optics caused the Democratic Party-friendly media to go into full meltdown mode, with reporters from a number of publications covering statements made by hundreds of party insiders that suggested 81-year-old Joe Biden decline his party’s candidacy at the August Democratic National Convention in Chicago.


At his first event after the debate in Raleigh, North Carolina, Biden said he could defeat Trump and offered no hint that he would resign.



With much energy, Biden said, “I can handle this job because, quite frankly, the stakes are too high.” “Donald Trump is a genuine threat to this nation.”


Some strategists have stated that the Democratic Party has to move rapidly to replace Biden before his formal candidacy is announced in August. Because of her low popularity among voters, Vice President Kamala Harris has been almost ruled out as a possible successor. Governors Gavin Newsom of California and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan have both been mentioned as possible last-minute replacements in the past.