Trump Calls the Border ‘A Rats Nest’

Border Crisis OUT OF CONTROL

During the CNN Presidential Debate Simulcast on Thursday night, former president Donald Trump repeatedly attacked President Biden regarding the ongoing problem at the southern border, accusing him of destroying a secure border and turning the United States into a “rats nest.”


“It is BIDEN who has slain thousands of people at the border and our citizens when they attempt to enter the country. We’re currently residing in a rat’s nest,” Trump declared.


The United States has been dealing with a historic border crisis, with record-breaking numbers of interactions with migrants. Despite a steep decline in recent months from a record high in December, the problem has swamped American communities, and several high-profile crimes perpetrated by undocumented immigrants have been brought to light. Republicans have pointed the finger at Biden-era initiatives, but the administration claims that in order to improve a “broken” system, it needs additional cash and change from Congress.


Throughout the discussion, Trump brought up the subject again and again, citing atrocities such as the suspected murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray in Texas by two illegal immigrants from Venezuela.


“We no longer have borders, so they are killing our people in New York, California, and every other state in the US. “Today, every state is a border,” declared Trump. “And because of his ridiculous, insane, and very stupid policies, people are coming in, and they’re killing our citizens at a level that we’ve never seen.”


“It is known as migrant crime. They’re killing our countrymen at a rate we’ve never seen before; I call it Biden migrant crime,” he declared.


Questions about social security, climate change, the border, and other subjects were frequently twisted by Trump into criticism of Biden’s handling of the situation. Voters continue to rank border security as their top worry, with the majority of voters disapproving of Biden’s handling of the matter, according to numerous polls.

When the debate moderators questioned him about his record on the border, Biden asserted that he had facilitated the passage of a bipartisan Senate bill that would increase spending and establish a system to restrict some immigration into the United States. However, there isn’t enough support for it to clear the chamber just yet.


Furthermore, we discovered that during Trump’s presidency, he was taking newborns away from their moms, confining them in cages, and ensuring that the families remained apart. That’s not the best course of action. What I’ve done since the legislation was altered.”


He seemed to be talking about a recent executive order that, in the past month, has resulted in a 40% drop in contacts and prohibits certain asylum requests when interactions reach a specific threshold.


“It’s better than when he left office, and I’m going to continue to move until we get the total ban on…the total initiative relative to what we’re going to do with more border patrol and more asylum officers,” he stated.