President Joe Biden Criticizes the Supreme Court


President Biden delivered a speech criticizing the Supreme Court in a way that many observers deemed extraordinary following the court’s decision to establish that presidents enjoy substantial immunity in official conduct.


In an evening speech on Monday, Biden said, “I dissent,” in response to the court’s 6-3 ruling in favor of Trump and the reasons in favor of immunity.


“This nation was founded on the principle that there are no kings in America; each of us is equal before the law,” Biden stated, describing the decision as a “dangerous precedent because the power of the office will no longer be constrained by the law…”


The court’s decision limited Trump’s possible liability by declaring that presidents are immune from prosecution for official conduct that falls within their “sphere of constitutional authority.”


While experts Fox News Digital spoke with said Biden’s tack is uncommon, a review of presidential replies to Supreme Court judgments turned up a few other examples. “I see President Biden’s statements as another data point in a years-long crusade by the left to delegitimize the Supreme Court because they don’t like their rulings,” he stated.


“[The Trump immunity decision] is a win for the office of the presidency and President Biden should be celebrating that he’s likely insulated from facing potential charges for weaponizing the Justice Department to go after his political enemies.”


The greatest threat to American democracy today, according to Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., is Joe Biden, who “put a political target on the back of the Supreme Court” with his reprimand last week.

Law expert Jonathan Turley of George Washington University addressed the president’s answer on Fox News Radio. He also mentioned that in a recent article, Turley claimed that Biden was the most anti-free speech executive since former President John Adams.


“The idea that [Biden] is really the symbol of constitutional fealty is really alarming,” Turley stated.



Before, at the State of the Union, Biden mocked the Republicans sitting in front of him by stating that Roe v. Wade “got it right” and questioned, “My God, what freedom else would you take away?”


Justice Clarence Thomas’s 1991 confirmation coworker, Mark Paoletta, referred to Joe Biden’s criticism of the Supreme Court as “dangerous.”


“It’s bad enough that Obama attacked a single case in his State of the Union speech, but Biden trashes the court on immunity in a national primetime address. Paoletta remarked, “although he lacked the bravery or possibly the mental clarity to accept any questions.”


He said that the president’s criticism of certain justices, such as Thomas, over their unreported travels is also unique.


“The last time Biden attacked Thomas, it did not go well for him,” he stated. “After Biden tried to destroy Thomas during his 1991 confirmation hearing, Thomas delivered one of the most epic takedowns in history, calling the attacks led by Biden a ‘high-tech lynching.'”


President Biden’s actions toward the court, according to Kyle Brosnan, chief counsel for the Heritage Foundation’s government accountability-focused Oversight Project, are exceptional inasmuch as they are a part of a broader contemporary ideological trend.