Abbott Blasts Biden’s Executive Order, Says It Makes Illegal Border Crossings ‘Worse’

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slammed President Joe Biden’s executive order that will temporarily stop the entry of non-citizens once the average number of encounters at the border exceeds 2,500 daily until after there has been a seven-day average of less than 1500 encounters at the border.

According to Abbott, the executive order does not solve the problem at the border but instead, makes it worse. To him, the newly released order does not do “anything to actually secure the border — in fact, it’s the opposite, because he’s actually authorizing more people to cross the border illegally.”

“As long as the Biden administration refuses to provide any type of enforcement, any type of blockage of people crossing illegally, all that this new Biden policy is going to do is to actually attract and invite even more people to cross the border illegally,” he stated.

“There’s no slowing down of people crossing the border. In fact, it’s just accelerating. This is gaslighting our fellow Americans. When Biden gets up and says, ‘This is going to stop people from coming across the border,’ when he says, ‘It’s going to secure the border,’ in fact, it is making illegal border crossings worse,” he added.

“When you get to that 2,500 number of people crossing the border a day that he says he will allow, but only then stop the asylum process — when he stops the asylum process, there’s nothing that Biden is doing that actually is preventing anybody else from crossing the border. There’s no type of enforcement mechanism in place,” he added.

Abbott’s hit on Biden revolves around the weak executive order he signed last Tuesday, which his administration claims will address the border crisis he caused.

Under the executive order, asylum requests will be temporarily shut down once the average number of daily encounters at the border exceeds 2,500.

The border would once again be open to immigrants once the number falls back to 1,500.

Per NBC News, Biden admin officials said that “individuals who cross the southern border unlawfully or without authorization will generally be ineligible for asylum, absent exceptionally compelling circumstances, unless they are accepted by the proclamation.”

However, the move by Biden has been criticized by many on the right as too late and too weak to solve the extreme crisis at the border.