‘Accept The Idea That We’re Full’: Graham Tells Biden Admin

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is calling President Joe Bden on his weak position on the southern border. During an interview with CBS News, Graham asked Biden to take a strong position on securing the border as the border reportedly witnessed an all-time high of 225,000 migrant encounters in December.

He tied his calls to the president’s hopes for more aid for Ukraine when asked about the aid by the anchor when the aid be able to pass the Senate.

“It will be a package,” he began. “I wanna help Israel. They’re under siege, and I’m not objecting to secretary Blinken sending them weapons as an emergency declaration, I think it makes sense. Ukraine, I wanna help desperately, but we gotta help ourselves. I cannot come back to South Carolina and talk about giving aid to Ukraine and Israel if the border is still broken. It is not broken, it’s in chaos.

I cannot tell you the humanitarian problems people are suffering through this immigration, but our national security is very much at risk, so Ukraine aid has to be tied to border,” he added.

He went on to tell the Biden administration to “accept the idea that we’re full.”

“Take the tools we’re willing to give you to stop the inflow. Start deporting people here who should be deported. Then, you’ll turn things around pretty quickly.”

As the $111 billion supplemental funding allocated to Ukraine, Biden has requested for over $100 billion in supplemental funding for national security priorities which will include more Ukraine aid, Israel aid and some money for border security.

However, Republican lawmakers are demanding reforms to the border before supporting the funding request, as House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said early December that Congressional Republicans want the “enactment of transformative change to our nation’s border security laws. The negotiations for that resume next week.