‘America Was Not Designed For Division’: Sen. Joe Manchin

In a recent appearance on WABC 770 AM’s “The Cats Roundtable” talk show, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) voiced his concern over the growing division in the United States. 

The senator believes that the country was “not designed” for such deep rifts, which leave many “common-sense” Americans without a political home. However, he emphasizes that the fault lies not with the people, but with the political parties in Washington, D.C.

Manchin, a former governor of West Virginia, expressed his comfort in being in the middle of the political spectrum. He stated that the extreme left and right shouldn’t be the only options available to Americans and emphasized the need for another choice, one that unites rather than divides.

“The political parties have become so extreme — going to the extreme left and extreme right — that the average common-sense people don’t have a home,” he stated.

“The people of America aren’t divided. The people in New York aren’t divided, or in West Virginia. It’s basically the political parties in Washington with their business model that they get better returns and their business does much better when you’re fighting and dividing each other versus uniting each other,” he added.

During an appearance at a forum last week in New Hampshire, Manchin stressed that his priority is to “save the nation,” and he has never entered a race with the intention to spoil it. If he decides to run for president in 2024, his aim is to win, he declared.

In his words: “I’ve never been in any race I’ve ever spoiled. I’ve been in races to win. And if I get in a race, I’m going to win.”

Amid anticipation of his next political move, Manchin is yet to announce his plans for re-election, leaving the announcement of his decision till the end of this year.

Manchin’s potential third-party run has garnered mixed reactions as some Democrats fear it could ruin President Joe Biden’s election bid by splitting votes away from the president, potentially aiding Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and jeopardizing their chances of keeping the White House.