Biden Campaign Releases Thanksgiving Guide For Political Conversations With Family

Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential election campaign tried to teach supporters how to navigate political discussions during Thanksgiving gatherings with family members who support former President Donald Trump.

With an aim to equip its supporters with clapbacks when confronted with what they describe as “crazy MAGA nonsense,” a reference to Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign slogans, the campaign shared a set of talking points that can be used to respond to conservative arguments on various issues.

One area where the guide, shared on the Biden-Harris campaign’s X account, offers guidance is on the topic of immigration. It advises supporters to counter the claim that “Trump secured our border!” with a straightforward “No he didn’t.” It goes on to suggest adding, “All he did was separate families, put children in cages, and leave behind a broken immigration system for Joe Biden to clean up.”

Another argument addressed in the guide is the belief that Trump was more respected by world leaders and kept the nation safer. The guide challenges this by saying, “Heads of state literally laughed and mocked Trump at the UN.”

“He negotiated with the Taliban, sent love letters to Kim Jong Un while letting him and Iran pursue nukes and doing nothing to push back on Chinese aggression. Now, he’s praised Putin as ‘smart,’ ‘savvy’ for invading Ukraine, and called Hezbollah’ very smart’ after Israel was attacked,” the campaign claimed.

The guide also suggests responses to talks about the polls showing Trump in the lead. “Oh — those same polls and pundits who said Joe Biden would never be president, and that Republicans would have massive wins last November?” the campaign asserted.

While the guide was intended to shred Trump, it has sparked heavy criticism on social media, with many X users pointing out that relying on prepared and scripted talking points for family discussions during Thanksgiving may hinder genuine dialogue and unity and ruin the whole point of the holiday.

Åuthor John Durant wrote, “Reminder to all political persuasions: Preparing political talking points to use against family members on Thanksgiving is a form of mental illness. Show some maturity, speak with the right tone, or change the subject.”

“Democrats literally publishing a script of how to be the worst person at Thanksgiving,” tweeted Republican digital strategist Alec Sears.

For podcast host Siraj Hashmi, the idea of preparing “political talking points for a holiday encounter with loved ones” is ridiculous.

“This has to be the most disgusting piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen,” another user wrote.

While many called the campaign out on its attempt to infuse toxicity in what should be a happy family dinner, some users focused on correcting the campaign’s misrepresentation of facts, with one user writing, “You’re literally gaslighting Americans about the economy. So many Americans are struggling to make ends meet due to inflation.”

The campaign did claim that Trump is running on a “losing” agenda. However, the polls say differently, as the most recent ones show the GOP forerunner has a lead over the incumbent president.