Biden Growing Angry And Anxious Ahead Of Election, Report Says

President Joe Biden reportedly did not like being informed about how his handling of Israel’s war with Hamas has caused a dip in his poll numbers in Georgia and Michigan. According to sources who spoke to NBC News, he reportedly shouted and swore when he was informed about the reduction in approval numbers amid his political rival’s rise in the polls.

When asked about the commander-in-chief’s angry episode, a White House spokesman said, “President Biden makes national security decisions based on the country’s national security needs alone — no other factor.”

As former President Donald Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise up in swing states and nationally, Biden reportedly has gotten angry and anxious about his own reelection campaign, as a report from NBC News says he has been “second-guessing” travel and messaging for his campaign.

Unlike four years ago, Biden has remained behind his GOP rival in most national polls. According to the RealClearPolitics polling, Trump has an average lead of 1.7 points over him nationally, going on to take the lead in most swing-state polls.

Per NBC News, Biden’s approval rating stands at 38%. At this stage in the election calendar, that number is lower than the approval ratings of the last three presidents who lost their reelection bids. Per Gallup survey data, Trump had 48% at this stage in the 2020 election calendar while former President George H.W. Bush before him had 39% and former President Jimmy Carter had 43%.

With the nation’s economy on decline and the state of the border in shambles, Biden has yet to resonate with voters and prove that he deserves a second term. There have also been mounting concerns about his cognitive health; concerns that have been amplified by a special counsel’s report on his mishandling of classified documents.

The report, by Special Counsel Robert Hur, highlighted Biden’s poor memory and confusion on simple details of important events in his life, describing him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” to prospective jurors.