Biden’s Latest Tactic to Try and Make Trump Slip UP

Biden’s Goal to Make Trump SNAP

Before the forthcoming CNN presidential debate, former President Trump received some strategic counsel from Fox News anchor Jesse Watters on his program “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


Jesse Waters said on Thursday that Biden “..wants to incite Trump to lash out. He’s going to be acting dishonestly, hitting below the belt with each blow. You could anticipate hearing statements along the lines of “You’re a twice impeached, bigoted, bankrupted, convicted felon.” It’s a planned attempt to divert attention away from his own failings.’


When Biden goes on the attack, Trump has to keep in mind that he will be silenced. It’s important to remain composed. Think “Namaste.” When Biden’s time is up, Trump ought to respond coolly and resist the temptation. Since Biden lacks a strong record to support him, the debate is an effort by Biden to turn the conversation against Trump.


Trump should answer with facts, maintain composure, and draw attention to Biden’s shortcomings. Trump can’t allow Biden’s inflammatory remarks stop him. He needs to concentrate on Biden’s horrible record instead. We’ve witnessed border crises, missteps in international affairs, and economic difficulties under Biden. Trump has to remind voters that these topics are important to the American people.


Under Biden’s presidency, there has been inflation, an increase in crime, and a lack of global leadership. Biden has fallen short of expectations on everything from the disorderly exit from Afghanistan to the present border issue. Here’s where Trump can make his move. He needs to stress how Biden’s actions have damaged American families and diminished our standing abroad.

When Biden descends, Trump needs to adopt a dignified demeanor and deal with the pressing problems. The American people want answers; they are sick of hearing about personal assaults. Trump gets the chance to highlight his achievements and future goals. He may compare Biden’s track record of failure with his robust economic policies, resolute leadership, and dedication to national security.


Trump must also draw attention to the media’s and the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy and double standards. Trump has persisted in standing up for the American people in the face of two impeachments. At the same time, Biden has used his position to advance extreme policies at odds with traditional American values.


Trump needs to highlight his accomplishments throughout the debate, including the Middle East peace accords, the attempts to fortify our borders, and the robust economy prior to COVID-19. These accomplishments show his aptitude and outlook on America’s future. By remaining calm and focused, Trump can easily refute Biden’s accusations and make a strong argument for his return to the White House.


The country is watching, and the stakes are enormous. This is Trump’s moment to shine and demonstrate that he is the candidate with the power, vision, and expertise needed to bring prosperity and security back to the United States. Remain composed and concentrated while conveying the message that America has to hear.