Actor Says Trump Would Have Prevented Israel-Hamas War Were He President

Hollywood star Dennis Quaid had a lot of praise for former President Donald Trump in a recent interview with Jordan Peterson. According to the actor, Trump was a very principled president.

Quaid went on to suggest that the war happening right now in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas would not have happened if a Trump foreign policy known as the Abraham Accords had been in place.

“All the stuff that’s happening right now would not be happening,” Quaid argued.

The actor went on to admit that Trump can be a bully when he needs to be. But he pointed out how that attribute can be necessary when dealing with adversaries.

In Quaid’s words, “I think [Trump] is very principled. He is very sweet and at the same time he can be [a bully about his beliefs]. He did a great job raising his kids. They themselves are very principled.”

Beyond his interview with Peterson, Quaid also showed Trump with praise during an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime” after the Republican presidential candidate’s historic rally in the South Bronx on Thursday.

Expressing his respect for Trump, Quaid said, “I really admire Trump for going into the neighborhoods. You know, people relate to that. They really do. If anything, all these events that been conspiring against him have actually made him more human to people.”

“Donald Trump has been talking about cleaning house, which, you know, kind of making a clean sweep to start over. That doesn’t mean being a dictator. That just means that we started doing what the American people have asked us to do,” Quaid added.

Quaid’s support for Trump comes after model and rapper Amber Rose announced on Instagram on May 20 that she would be voting for the GOP presumptive nominee in November.

Sharing a photo of herself with Trump and wife Melania Trump, Amber Rose wrote, “Trump 2024.”