Chris Christie: Majority Of Republicans Express Concerns About Trump’s Conduct

In a recent interview on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” former New York Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), a candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, shared his candid views on the state of the Republican Party and its relationship with former President Donald Trump.

One point Christie raised is that a majority of Republicans disapprove of Donald Trump’s conduct. He acknowledged that while many voters believe the charges against Trump were politically motivated, a significant portion still harbors reservations about his behavior. 

According to him, this distinction is where the real differences lie within the party as he said people have varying opinions on whether the Justice Department has treated Trump fairly, and this divide needs addressing.

Christie also pointed out the relevance of the Hunter Biden case in shaping these opinions. When voters reflect on the underlying conduct of a president, the majority seems to agree that they do not want someone who exhibits such behavior. 

“The Hunter Biden case plays into that as well. But when I ask people to pull back the underlying conduct, is that what they want from the president of the United States, a good majority of those people say no. So I think that’s where the distinction will be. Maybe they can start to ask the question a little differently,” he stated.

Furthermore, Christie highlighted a noticeable gender gap in the Republican base as he observed that a majority of attendees at his town hall meetings were women, signaling that more women have distanced themselves from Trump. 

“I’m seeing a large number, probably two-thirds to one-third at my town hall meetings women to men. I think women in much larger numbers have abandoned him. If you look at that poll that came out, the Wall Street Journal poll, 62% of Independents say they won’t vote for him. Well, if 62% of Independent won’t vote for him, he is not winning the general election,” he asserted.

This outspoken Republican, once a close ally of Trump, has been unapologetic in his criticism of Trump as he said in August that the former president has gone “further and further into crazy land.”

In August, he warned that the former president’s upcoming trial in the special counsel’s election interference case and other legal challenges could damage the Republican Party’s prospects in 2024 if he is chosen as the nominee.

Christie, who is running against Trump in a crowded field for the presidential nomination, stressed that the timing of these trials could work against the party as Trump’s extended absence from the campaign trail due to legal proceedings could undermine Republican chances, especially if the trials extend for six weeks or more starting March 4.

In Christie’s words, “We simply cannot expect that someone who is facing this number of criminal trials, and, quite frankly, the conduct that underlies those charges, can be a viable fall election candidate against Joe Biden.”