Chris Sununu Says Trump ‘Can Barely Read A Teleprompter’

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu suggested on Monday that former President Donald Trump’s situation is so bad that he can “barely read a teleprompter.”

Sununu took the swipe at the GOP presidential candidate while speaking on CNN’s “The Lead” and touting former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s achievements as New Hampshire’s primary was just one day away.

“Anyone who says this is a must-win for Nikki Haley, I heard someone mentioning that saying they overpaid for that political science degree. Only three goals here. One was to get second place. Two was to make sure we have only two candidates in the race. She’s wiped 12 candidates off. And then three she wants to build on that out of Iowa. She had 20%. She will more than double or exceed that here. The last point is they’re polls. Last time I checked they’re always wrong. You never know. The same poll on the day I got elected said I would lose by 11 and we won by a couple percent,” he said.

He then emphasized that what matters is the voter turnout and the energy of a candidate’s campaign, not polls.

In his words, “It’s all about the enthusiasm, where’s the energy. Not just what people say on a phone or how they you know, respond to an online text or something. It’s really about the energy of that campaign. Trump has no energy — the guy can barely read a teleprompter right now. All the wind is behind the Nikki’s sails. So I just think the sky’s the limit.”

Sununu has been vocally fierce against Trump as he hopes his favored candidate can pull off a win in his state in Tuesday’s primary. Haley and Trump have on their end ramped up attacks against each other since last Monday’s Iowa’s caucuses, with Trump expressing doubts about the former U.N. ambassador’s strength and ability to handle the country’s top position and Haley taking a swipe at the GOP frontrunner’s age and mental fitness.

Trump is, however, taking the lead in New Hampshire, with The Hill/Decision Desk HQ polling showing him average at 50.6% support while Haley trails him at 37% support.