Comer: Hunter Biden Tax Indictment Is ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’

After nine new charges came in for President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden on Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is warning that there is more to the president’s son’s woes. According to him, he still has to face the music for other crimes including money laundering and violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Speaking on FNC’s “Hannity,” the committee chairman said, “I mean, I’m not surprised. Look, this is one of many crimes that Hunter Biden has committed. We believe that if you’re going the tax evasion route, not only did he evade taxes on the obvious income that that Weiss is charged him with, but also the loans and that’s something that Jason Smith and the ways and means committee are looking into as well.”

He went on to suggest that the loans Hunter and Joe’s brother Jim Biden took were a front for some shady dealings, as he pointed out that the loans, which among to over $13 million do not have a record of principal payments or interest payments.

“So at what point does a loan become income?” Comer wondered before going on to accuse the first family of being involved in money laundry.

“We believe there’s significantly more tax liability than what he has,” he said. “We also know that there’s money laundering, we get that from all the suspicious activity reports. Most of the 170 suspicious activity reports at Treasury implied that the Bidens were money laundering and from what we can look at with their bank statements now and the research we’ve done, I can confirm it sure looks like money laundering to me.”

Comer then went on to accuse Hunter of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act by lobbying for China, Russia and some other countries. Pointing out that Hunter was also lobbying for Joe, he said the president could also be on the wrong side of Foreign Agent Registration Act liability.

For Comer, the new indictment against Hunter only serves as “the tip of the iceberg” as the case is “far from being over.”

The nine tax charges Hunter brought against Hunter include three felonies and six misdemeanor over tax evasion and filing a false return. Prior to that, he faces federal gun charges from Delaware alleging that he broke laws that prevent drug users from acquiring guns in 2018.