Dems ‘Setting Up’ Newsom For 2024 Presidential Campaign, Rogan Says

Podcast host Joe Rogan suggested that the Democratic Party’s presidential ticket for the 2024 election might end up in the hands of California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

According to Rogan, the questions about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness have reached a point where the Democratic Party cannot hide that something is wrong since Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report about him describing him as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

Rogan went into the speculations when his guest on the podcast, Chris Williamson said, “Basically, you can’t prosecute this guy because he’s non compos mentis, but you can let him run for the President of the United States in November… so that’s the that’s the world that we’ve managed to get into.”

Suggesting that the president will eventually be abandoned by his family, he stated, “Don’t you think that that’s a ruse, him running for president? I think they’re gonna get rid of him, I think they’re gonna move him out, they’re gonna force him to step down. That’s what I think.”

“If I had to guess, and it’s just speculation, I’d say they’re setting up Gavin Newsom for it,” he added.

Rogan went on to say that Biden’s controversies are increasingly catching up, as he pointed to his appointment as honorary Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

In the honorary position, Biden has only given a few lectures and talks and does not conduct any research or hold any administrative position in the school. Yet, he made about $900,000 a year, drawing eyebrows, especially with the revelation that the university recently received money linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Mocking the president’s honorary position at UPenn as a “million dollar a year gig,” Rogan said it was like “mafia stuff” or a “mob job” where someone is set up with a no-work job and paid huge amounts of money as part of a major negotiation.

Criticizing Biden’s frail cognitive state which has him micromanaging his statements are actions in public appearances, Rogan stated, “It’s amazing… he just can’t keep a thought in his head when he starts talking about things, he forgets what he’s talking about all the time and goes ‘Well whatever,’ he just says, ‘Well, whatever,’ and just drifts off.”